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Feb 10, 2009 10:54 AM

40th Birthday Celebration in Ft. Lauderdale

We are looking for that special restaurant to celebrate our sons birthday.....price up to $125.00 per person. Thanks

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  1. I just had a fantastic 30th birthday at Cafe Martorano on Oakland Park Blvd. It would definitely be appropriate for a 40th as well. The food was amazing, better than I could have imagined. I was worried about the service but that too was spectacular. We were there with a party of 9, shared appetizers, entrees, 5 bottles of wine and the most ridiculously amazing dessert tray for around $850 inc grat. For large groups they will also do a chef's tasting where the chef will simply prepare several dishes of his choosing for the table to share. We did not choose that option as we were not given an approximate price as to how much that would cost. This restaurant is a bit on the loud side which would usually bother me but, it worked with the meal and led to a really fun night. They have beer and wine only.

    1. Blue Moon Fish Co. in Lauderdale by the Sea is wonderful. It was my favorite restaurant when I lived there.

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          Martorano and Valentino's are very different and both very good. It really depends on what type of dining experience you're looking for. Martorano is loud and has a party type atmosphere and Valentino's is more intimate and much more sedate (quiet). Martorano is fun and big food (and I mean that in a good way) and Valentino's is really more classic. I like them both, but prefer Valentino's for a number of reasons. Like I said, it really depends on your group and what you're aiming for. I know at Valentino's you won't wait for an hour for your table when you have a reservation which is what happened to nmurawsk and his party.

        2. If you want any chance to talk, pass on Cafe Martorano. It's always jammed and very very noisy-much like many NYC restaurants. Five Tables in Boca, Cafe Sapporissimo in Boca. But if you need to stay in Broward, you cannot do wrong with Darrell and Oliver's Cafe Maxx on Atlantic Blvd. It's between Federal and the Intracoastal. Delicious with great service.

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            Thanks so much for the ideas...we have been to Cafe Martorano a few times, and it is much to loud for this group. Valentinos is a favorite of ours, perfect little restaurant.

            I think we are going to try da Campo Osteria, it will be new for the birthday celebrant, if we can't come up with anything else. We had dinner there a few weeeks ago and it seems to be the right type of restaurant for our party.

          2. You may also want to consider By Word of Mouth (off of Oakland) which is delicious and the desserts are amazing or if you are a steak fan Hollywood Prime at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood.