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Feb 10, 2009 10:32 AM

Chicken karahi at Shiney's

SteveS and I gorged ourselves today at Shiney's, a Pakistani hole in the wall in Annandale with a small but well executed menu. One of the dishes that we'd never tried before was the chicken karahi. Those of you who have only experienced Indian/Pakistani chicken dishes as white meat off the bone need to try this dish; it more than demonstrates why cuisines all over the world cook their chicken on the bone. White meat would have been overwhelmed by the deep red paste of onions and spices. The dark meat, full of rich flavor from the bone, was up to the task of complementing its sauce. This is a "wow, this is really good" dish, at a price point of under $10. Our total damage, with 2 entrees, an entree-sized chaat, and sodas, was $28, and included a meal's worth of left overs.

Shineys has half a dozen or so tables for very informal dining. They have a small hot buffet on an all-you-can-eat or by the pound basis, and a large selection of house-made sweets. Their samosas are also very good; vegetable samosas are available all week, with meat samosas making an appearance only on weekends.

4231-D Markham St., Annandale, VA, 22003
(703) 642-0460

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  1. I'd say leftovers for two. I have tried the goat karahi before, and I've had chicken karahi elsewhere. This is so far my favorite version. A rich and deeply satisfying delight. Shiney's is a real gem