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Feb 10, 2009 10:24 AM

Hamanako Broiled Eel

I've searched every Japanese market (Marukai, Nijiya, Mitsuwa) in the Southern California area for cans of Hamanako Broiled Eel. I wanted to share the joys of unagi donburi with my co-workers but can't find them anywhere. Does anybody know where I can find them or know why there's such a shortage? Thanks!

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  1. Hamanako Broiled Eel has recently been taken off the list of food items allowed for importation by the FDA. I am not sure what the FDA violation but I beleive Canada removed this item a year or two ago. I talked to a large store in Seattle and they said you just don't know when it will be allowed for importation again. You have to think that the Japanese would want to correct whateve the violation is rather quickly, but who knows.

    1. My mom found one can at Marukai's in Honolulu. They keep it behind the shelf because it's a high theft item. I didn't know about the FDA violation and hope it's not a food safety issue. Do you have Marukai's in S. CA?