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Valentine edible favor ideas... for 30?

Looking for ideas for edible favors for 30 or so... preferably not cookies or cupcakes.

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    1. When you say no cookies or cupcakes, do you mean nothing sweet or just something out of the ordinary?

      Savory: Ina Garten's roasted rosemary cashews or other spiced nuts. Cheese straws or cheese coins. Palmiers with tapenade. Roasted spicy chickpeas.

      Sweet: homemeade marshmallows (regular or pink peppermint). Truffles. Toffee or peanut brittle.

      These aren't necessarily inherently Valentine-y, but they are crowd pleasers and you could wrap in pink or red cellophane and tie with a Valentine-y ribbon.

      1. I know you said no cookies, but I like the macaron idea, as well. Valentine's Day is a day for sweets.

        Use a piece of edible gold or silver foil to decorate something little, like macarons, nuts, marshmallows.

        Salted caramels?

        Fudge sprayed with a little gold?

        Bouquet garni tied with red ribbon.

          1. Cherry jam? Frozen cherries ought to work, and you could use the 4-oz jelly jars to stretch it.

            There are lots of recipes for caramel sauce and chocolate sauce, but I think they need to be refrigerated, so that might not work for you.

            I found a nice spice mixture recently, not too hot, just aromatic, which uses paprika, cumin, oregano, chili powder, and at least one other thing. No salt. But spices are expensive and times 30 might be prohibitive.

            1. I really like the marshmallow idea, actually, but you could also make chocolate hearts. It's been ages since I made these, but you just melt chocolate bars very gently (so they stay in temper), spread 'em on a silpat/parchment/whatever, and then cut them into hearts. You can write on them to personalize..

              Oh look, it was ages ago - here's the Martha Stewart recipe from 1996 (athough I'm sure I made more than 6!). http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/b...

              1. A good friend uses heart cookie cutters in varying sizes to cut fresh fruit and served it with chocolate dip and strawberry yogurt dip. Worked out really well. Just sprinkle lime or lemon on the fruit to set the color/prevent browning.

                1. homemade fortune cookies with favorable love fortunes. Chocolate kisses. Sugared almonds. candied ginger. Honey brittle with pine nuts. Licorice. Everything on the list is known for its aphrodisiac properties except the fortune cookies.

                  1. I'm not sure what your budget it is or what the group is like, but 1/2 bottles of red wine would be cute, esp. if it's all couples and you could give one to each couple.

                    1. My daughter makes very sweet little mice out of two hershey's kisses, glued together by the flat bases, with paper ears inserted and two little eyes.

                      1. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful suggestions.... considering time - and budget! - I'm planning one decadent truffle at each place...