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Feb 10, 2009 10:15 AM

Cochon: Fabulous Food, Fabulous Staff

While we waited, Preston took us back to the butcher shop (they also do bar stool menu) and yes, we bought some head cheese. he was gracious, funny and wonderful. SO, there you go. After a week of gorging ourselves in NOLA our best meal and experience was hands down, COCHON.

Second Place: Bayona/ Coop's (great jambolya!)
Third Place: Cmmander's Palace

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  1. Interesting. Our worst experience was Cochon. Had smothered chicken for lunch and charged a lot for a watery thigh. The other plates we had were adequate but not memorable. When waiter asked us we politely complained about the chicken and he did nothing. You know, why does the staff ask your opinion and then not address the issue if the customer complains? Their pickled watermelon rind was interesting to try but can't say I would need to ever try it again. Don't understand the buzz on this place. Would not go back. There are so many other great restaurants in New Orleans!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. im a fan. they have many good appetizers and small plates, which is what i eat there. some of which simply arent offered anywhere else.

      i tried their Butcher store for lunch sandwiches & the like, but the prices were way too high for the offerings.