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Feb 10, 2009 10:14 AM

Looking for recommendations for Troy/Auburn Hills

I will be in the Detroit area on business the week of Feb 23. We will be staying at the Embassy Suites on Tower Road in Troy. Are there any good non-chain restaurants you can recommend in that area? I lived on the West side (Canton) back in the early 90''s but didn't get to Troy/Auburn Hills much except for the occasional Piston's game or concert at the Palace.

We will be in Ferndale working most days. I have heard good things about the Starving Artist restaurant. Yay or Nay? And The Blue Nile Experience looks good for Ethiopian, which I love, I'm not sure about the colleagues that will be with me. Maybe a good choice for lunch?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Hmm. Blue Nile is enjoyable, at least to me. I've enjoyed my time there. I can't attest to its authenicity since I've never been to Africa, but their food is good and the experience and ambience enjoyable.

    For other meals in Ferndale, I might recommend Toast for breakfast and The Fly Trap as well for other meals.

    1. If you want an asian meal, try Mon Jin Lau in Troy (15 mile/Maple & Stephenson). Good food, great wine list.

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        I 2nd Mon Jin Lau. My bf, who lives in the area, took me to this restaurant this summer when I was visiting and I fell in love. We can't get decent Chinese food in DC, but Mon Jin Lau is delicious. There is a really tasty green bean dish. I haven't had the sushi but the other dishes I had were great.

      2. Modern Food & Spirits in Keego Harbor:

        An eclectic menu and the kitchen turns out fine dining fare at a very fair price. For a
        small operation, they have a terrific stock of liquors, wines & beers ... all priced very
        fairly. Frankly; this is my new favorite.

        If your tastes are limited to italian/pasta; consider Pasta Fagoili:

        If you want italian (only) fine dining; Lelli's seldom disappoints:

        If you're looking for a crab/fish house; consider Fran O'Briens:

        1. If you like Japanese, Nobana is close to your hotel at Crooks and I75. I used to work in the area and remember it to be decent.

          Also a Kerbys Coney Island in the same plaza and a Bagel Factory (and a Starbucks).

          Charleys Crab in the Hilton (same intersection) is good for seafood, on the formal side.

          For excellent pizza in Troy, Alibi on Rochester Road, hands down.

          I also like Camp Ticonderoga on Rochester, if only for the novelty of the "gamey" menu (actually I do like their food and decor, very up north). Who doesn't want an "I eat my roadkill" bumper sticker??

          In Ferndale, I recommend AGAINST the Indian place (Star of India)--everything tastes alike. WAB on Woodward is good for a bar lunch. Agree with Boagman on Toast/Fly Trap. And I know some who love Como's but I think it's kind of meh.

          Pinwheel Bakery on Nine Mile is excellent for a little sweet something to take back to the hotel for later!

          1. I'll second Charlies Crab as it is an icon but it has aged. It's also only a few blocks from your hotel. For Seafood you may also want to consider Ocean Prime on the Corner of 16 & Coolidge.
            I will also gladly second Mon Jin Lau which is at 15 & Stevenson so a a little drive but not bad at all (10 minutes). They have been voted restaurant of the year in the past by Hour magazine.
            Noble fish for Sushi carry out. While it is in Clawson it is an easy fairly straight drive South from the Embassy Suites.
            For Pizza I would suggest Kruse & Muer in the Meadowbrook outdoor mall at Adams & Walton (Rochester Hills). There is also the Kruse & Muer on Wilshilre very near your hotel.
            For steak I really enjoy Shulas in the Troy Marriot on 16 mile. You will also find a Mortons and Ruth's Chris steakhouse nearby. Theese are all a very easy drive from your hotel as well as a plethora of others on 16 mile (Big Beaver) between Rochester Road and the Sommerset mall including The Capital Grille in the mall.
            Larcos chophouse (Italian) is also on 16 mile.
            If you require coffee or tea in the am you will find a Starbucks straight across Crooks as you exit the service drive to your hotel.