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Feb 10, 2009 10:11 AM

PHX- Wicked Bakery closed

I heard rumors of this last week, but that was Yelp!, so I didn't give it much credit. :) Wicked has now updated their web site to say they are closed. Bummer. They had some good stuff and were my only hookup for Whoopie Pies in the area. Guess I'll need to dust off my recipe and make them myself now.


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  1. How tacky to air the dirty laundry involving the landlord on the Web site. On the other hand, maybe Wicked will eventually re-emerge in a better, more central location. The out-of-the-way location on Cave Creek Rd. was one reason I never visited Wicked.

    If you want a good whoopie pie, order the pumpkin one (the only one available) at District at the Downtown Sheraton. It's delicious and indulgent.

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    1. re: silverbear

      Why is that tacky? I support the idea of knowing the truth. Look at it this way ... if the bakery closed due to lack of business, that reflects badly on the owner. If the bakery closed for some other reason (like this one), then I want to know about it.

      1. re: olddogeyes

        Tacky because it's one side of the story, tacky because negativity doesn't sell, tacky because it makes assumptions about the motives behind a business decision on the landlord's part. Sharing the reason behind a closure is one thing, but angry wording assigning blame to another party is quite another.

        1. re: olddogeyes

          As far as I'm concerned, the "truth" as presented by the proprietor actually makes him look bad.

          1) One could reasonably infer that the reason he was trying to negotiate a lower rent was because the bakery wasn't getting enough business. This inference would be consistent with recent moves made by the proprietor.

          2) Calling the property management company greedy because it was unwilling to lower the rent on an already leased property doesn't exactly make the proprietor look like an honorable businessperson. It would have been nice if both parties could have come to some mutually acceptable agreement, but it's not the property management company's responsibility to figure out the bakery's cash flow problems.

          For me, it's not so much the mention of not being able to make the rent, but the accusation of greed that seems a little less than classy.

      2. insider information is that this has nothing to do with the landlord at all, and the business has been failing for a while. lots of local vendors left unpaid... kinda sucky. either way, its a tough economy right now, and its going to weed out some places.. some good, some bad.