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Feb 10, 2009 09:56 AM

Junior's--pretty blah

We shared the corned beef and cabbage plate with vegetables and potato pancakes, plus a bowl of matzo ball soup. I would have to give the corned beef dinner a thumbs down as far as taste goes--pretty much everything needed to be seasoned with salt and pepper just to make it eadible. The soup really wasn't anything special either and needed lots more broth, AND for almost 7 bucks for the bowl, I was expecting a little more zing. Not sure if Jerry's Deli still exists but i recall their matzo ball soup being a lot better than Junior's. Did i just order the wrong things here?

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  1. I don't know if you ordered the wrong things, but I do know the right thing to get at Junior's: the marinated skirt steak and eggs with fried potatoes and thick cinnamon toast. I'm not sure I've had anything else in the 25 years I've been going to this place.

    Junior's Restaurant-Deli Bakery
    2379 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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      I love that skirt steak breakfast too. If you get the french cinnamon toast you have your dessert and main all in one. They have a great pound cake sundae, although I like to substitute the hot fudge for the chocolate syrup. Very moist and delectable pound cake. And even though they have other flavors of pound cake (which I have tried in the sundae - like the marble) the regular plain pound cake works best for me. However, all that said, I like their matzo ball soup a lot, so my recommendations may be all wrong for Augusta.

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        okay, you guys are making me want to retry Junior's, just for that skirt steak. Is breakfast served all day there? i must say that i did enjoy the potato pancake though it was more like a fritter as opposed to shredded pieces of potato fried up like a pancake.

        1. re: Augusta

          I don't know if breakfast is served all day -- but it's that kind of place -- because I always go around 6:30 a.m., just as they open. At various times over the years the skirt steak has been off the menu, but it's always been available when I've asked.

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            Mostly we go at night, and normally they give us a separate one page menu offering the skirt steak made two different ways (kind of breakfast / lunch - dinner deal.

      2. I love the Brisket Dip sandwich, too. Can't beat they're breakfasts.

        1. Hi... Their Monty Cristo sandwich is wonderfully over-the-top. And I enjoy the complimentary basket of challah and rye bread and complimentary pickles and sourkraut. The beef brisket dinner, with roasted potatoes and kasha and gravy, is just like my grandma's, which is to say, very filling and a bit dry. The waitresses are earnest and patient with a (sometimes) entitled clientele. The booths are comfy... I've never gone to a deli in search of the "zing" you noted as absent. Just like I've never thought of my grandma as a hottie. Delis and grandmas are usually bland but reliable, in my experience. When grandpa wanted some "zing", he headed for Chinatown, Jake....

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            That's pretty good, silence9. Looks like you don't take your name literally.

            By the way, my children's Jewish grandmother (my ex-mother-in-law) made great brisket that was never dry and had lots of tomatoey zing. She covered her sofas with clear plastic, but her brisket and her meatballs were excellent. I'll have to see if Junior's will serve either item at breakfast with that great cinnamon toast.

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              "Zing" as in flavor, nothing too crazy. But okay, i'd like to give Junior's another go and will keep everyone's recommendations in mind. Btw, agree on the pickles/sauerkraut and bread basket--these were good! Thanks.

            2. The chicken soup at Juniors is made with a starter. It is chicken flavored yellow goop. They do not make their own stock. That is why the soup is so yellow in color and salty.

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              1. The rye bread is like bread-flavored chewing gum... the deli meats are low-end supermarket. The only way this place has existed for so many years is the lock on the location. Worst deli in LA unless you are confined to that part of the westside.

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