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Feb 10, 2009 09:50 AM

lunch in Georgetown

We are traveling from Connecticut to DC to visit our son, and the plan is to meet him in Georgetown for lunch on Saturday. We need a place where we can sit and talk a bit, but nothing stuffy or touristy. We like good salads, soups, ethnic food, cuisine which buys locally. I'd like to be able to make a reservation, but maybe not necessary? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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  1. You might try Agraria. It uses produce sourced from a collective of farmers. Not ethnic, but they have soups, salads, etc. and it would be a place you wouldn't feel rushed so you could sit and talk. They are owned by the same people who just opened Founding Farmers, I like their fresh and well prepared veggies, even as sides with their meat they tend to really shine.

    There are lots of choices in Georgetown though... Avoid any other place in the waterfront though.

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      I am from CT, too (Westport)
      Founding Farmers is great-the best grilled cheese & tomato soup and cake (and everything else for that matter.)
      I also recommend Tacklebox for seafood (counter service-casual & good atmosphere.)Yummy fried clams, and awesome sides (grilled portobellos and beets)
      Georgetown Cupcake around the corner. Have fun!

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        Except you should note that tables at Tacklebox are communal... not that it isn't great, but I don't find it conducive to long chats, or taking your time.

        I have been trying to think of a good ethnic place that you could linger, but I am just not sure.

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          If you like Vietnamese, Miss Saigon on M Street is good. Also for non-authentic ethic-type food you could look into Mie N Yu. I am not aware if either buys locally, however.

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            You can try Hook instead for sustainable/some local seafood. Owned by the same folks as Tacklebox and very good.

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              Have you been to Hook lately? It used to be my absolute favorite spot before the Chef fall out, and I wonder if the quality has returned?

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                I went with my parents a couple of months ago and we loved it. It was after all the chef shuffle and I honestly didn't notice the difference from when Chef Seaver was in the kitchen and when he wasn't.

                We found the entire meal delicious and low-key. We went on a Sunday night and had a much less hustle and bustle feel then the last time I was there (on a Friday night).

                I also feel that Tacklebox has improved. The first time I was there I thought it was good but not great. When I went for lunch a month or so ago and got the bluefish I thought it was delicious. I still feel like the portions are a little bit on the small side but it's still a nice place to have, especially when I'm homesick (I'm originally from Boston).

      2. Thanks so much for your replies. Agraria sounds great, I made a reservation. I'll report back after we go. I appreciate your help!

        1. I loved Agraria. Although I wasn't crazy about the Harbor Development area-it seemed corporate and full of cement-- I thought Agraria was great. Beautifully designed, great service, great food. And a very good concept--sustainable agriculture. But really the food was superb. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

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            Thanks for the report back. What did you have?