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Feb 10, 2009 09:46 AM

Salmon cakes - help?

I have just made up a recipe for salmon cakes using cooked salmon. I have not fried the cakes as yet. It appears that I will have far too many cakes to eat at one meal and I am wondering if it would be better to freeze the uncooked cakes (to thaw and fry up later) or to fry the cakes before freezing (and then reheat them in the oven)? Which would work better...or is neither a good idea, in which case I guess we can eat them two days running? Please help?

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  1. Have run into the same problem making salmon cakes-- I have found that freezing them before frying and letting them defrost uncooked allows them to fry up as if they had never been frozen. Otherwise you'll end up with soggy cakes.

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      Yes, freeze uncooked and then don't thaw -- fry or saute still frozen -- when they get to the desired color (I like mine pretty brown) put them in a 350 or 375 oven till warm all the way through, maybe another 10 minutes. They freeze so well that I always make a big batch and freeze some on purpose. That way I have a quick meal, along with a salad or green veggie, available as needed.

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        I would do it this way too. If you're going to let them defrost before cooking, blot the excess moisture.

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      1. jfood actually fries them before freezing. The he defrosts in the MV and a quick fry in a pan to crisp the outsides. It is a little unconventional but it has worked for years.

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          this is exactly what i do also and it tastes great.

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            just curious.. does the whole house smell like fish when you microwave the cakes? I know when people microwave fish in the office it reeks to the heavens..

        2. i like the leftover fried patties cold/room temp in a sandwich! (my niece says i will make a sandwich out of anything. she might be right.).

          1. you can also do a salmon loaf, just like a meat loaf - cook then freeze (slice it later for sandwiches). Or for ease put them in cupcake tins, bake and then freeze - you can pull out one at a time. I'm reducing my frying these days.