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Feb 10, 2009 09:42 AM

Chocolate Truffles

Where do you get the best Chocolate Truffles in Montreal? I did a search and nothing came up under the subject. Sooooo, I'm asking.

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  1. Try your own kitchen! Nothing is easier to make than truffles. It starts with ganache. This is simply pure organic whole cream heated to just before boiling point and poured over finely chopped organic premium chocolate of the finest variety. The proportions for truffles are generally 2 parts chocolate to 1 part cream. You can experiment and add liquor, herbs, spices, etc to your cream to infuse it with flavor. Strain the cream into the chopped chocolate and stir gently to evenly incorporate it into the chocolate. The mixture will solidify at room temperature. At that point, you can form the ganache into balls and dust them in premium organic cocoa or dip them in melted chocolate. Once they are dipped you can roll them in nuts or coconut--or give them a gently sprinkling of fleur du sel (sea salt). If you want them for Valentine's Day I can tell you NOTHING will make your honey happier than truffles hand-made by her love. Get creative how you serve them!

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      I would love to make them, and I can do so quite well. But I am house hunting and staying in an apartment/hotel. The kitchen is very minimal. So that's why I asked the question.

      Thank you though.

    2. i have tried and enjoyed the truffles at Chocobel, ├╝bersmall shop located corner Drolet and Castelneau (one street above Jean Talon). well worth the detour when going to the market.

      1. You can certainly use my kitchen at home if you want- for an hour or two on Friday.

        1. Try Genevieve Grandbois. A bit pricey but one of the best truffles and chocolate bars with fleur de sel (their actual best seller). Chocobel is average.

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            Les Chocolats de Chloe makes pretty decent truffles, if I'm not mistaken...(although I certainly wouldn't complain if I received Genevieve Grandbois ones instead...)