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Feb 10, 2009 08:51 AM

Who Do You Think Makes The Best Caramels/Chocolates in NYC?

Looking for decadent caramels/chocolates, and am tired of the usual places.

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  1. Kees or Bespoke for chocolate (see other thread.)
    If you like flavored/filled, I might go with Kees (call ahead for V-Day) but for chocolate truffles, Bespoke.

    I've never tried Roni-Sue in the Essex Market, but I like the burnt-caramel chocolate wafers they sell at Fromagio next door.

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      Bond St. chocolates have diving dark chocolate truffles too. Except the shop is not located on Bond St, which I find a little confusing.

      Maison du Chocolat is fabulous too - second only to Jean Paul Hevin, but Hevin only has stores in Paris and Japan.

      1. re: maggiej

        Turtles at Kees - take out the slash, insert an ampersand.

      2. the milk chocolate pig candy at Roni-Sue's is amazing!!!!

        I am still kicking myself for not starting a caramel au beurre sale importing business after I got back from Paris 2 years ago - you couldnt find them anywhere here...(only the basket place in Chelsea Market had them - marked down because I was the only one buying them) And, suddenly, they're hot!

        1. I like chocolate by the baldman, aka Max Brenner's.
          Ive heard J Torres is ok too
          Im not sure if Lilac on Christopher St is still in business

          1. I love THREE TARTS. It's a cute little shop located on 9th Avenue. All the desserts are very small but they are fresh, pretty, and PURRRRFECTLY DEEEE-LISH! And the prices won't put a whole in your pocket. The staff is friendly and helpful. OHHHHH! OHHHHHHHH! OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! The truffles are sinfullllll! I've made the same recommendations to my clients and have only had rave reviews yet! Check out their website for more info: If you try it let me know what you think!

            1. For chocolates in general, I love Maison du Chocolat. For fun flavored chocolates, I like Jacque Torres. For caramels (sea salt), I prefer the ones at Chocolate Bar. However i'm a dark chocolate fanatic and generally don't like the milk chocolates and white chocolates.