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Feb 10, 2009 08:29 AM

Inexpensive Deliciousness in Las Vegas

I'll be going to Las Vegas in March, but, since the economy is in shambles, I will be going on a budget.

Does anyone have any recommendations for some nice places where a meal would cost in the $25/person or less range?

Also, since I'll be traveling extensively on the monorail and staying at the Las Vegas Hilton, I'm hoping you can recommend places that are in and/or close to the major casinos on the strip (or along the monorail route).

Thank you

(BTW I like all types of food, so... have at it!)

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  1. Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay-You can live large for $25 here.

    Lotus of Siam-multiple previous posts on this place. Excellent Thai. Probably not the "be-all, end-all" that it's made out to be on this site, but definitely a must try.

    When I go cheap, I usually go to Chipotle. There's one on the Strip.

    1. I love Zoozacrackers, a New York style deli in the Wynn. Really good corned beef sandwiches and matzo ball soup.

      1. Ellis Island Restaurant and Brewery 1 block behind Ballys. I think the $5 steak dinner is a couple bucks more than it used to be. Hopefully they haven't increased the $1 microbrews.

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          I'm pretty sure the steak dinner is now $7, and that includes one of their house-brewed beers.

        2. I love inexpensive deliciousness! (**disclaimer --double check if these are still in business! )
          Here are the places my husband and I look forward to eating at when we're in town:
          Tropicana Cafe --good Cuban on the Strip near Howard Johnson's.
          Chin Chin Cafe -- in NY, NY casino --offshoot of LA restaurant that's got good Chinese food, not Authentic, but tasty and fresh
          Canter's Deli --in Treasure Island --haven't been to this one, but we go to the one in LA for its corned beef and reubens
          The buffet at Paris is around $25 and food is surprisingly good
          I haven't eaten there, but have heard that Battista's (right behind the Flamingo Hilton) is good and you can eat there with unlimited house wine for $25
          Z-Tejas is right behind the strip and has good Southwest cuisine --check if they do 1/2 price appetizers from 4 to 6 --you can make a fantastic meal with drink for $15 out of really generous appetizers.....

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          1. re: oc.mamma

            **Z-Tejas is no more, with both of their Las Vegas locations closing.

            One of the things that you may want to do is check out the "casual" offerings by some of the chefs that have multiple destinations - places like Giorgio (Piero Selvaggio) at Mandalay Bay, Witchcraft (Tom Colicchio) at the MGM Grand , Enoteca San Marco (Mario Batali) at the Venetian, and either Wolfgang Puck's Bar and Grill (MGM Grand) or Postrio (Venetian) will give you some creative options for a reasonable price.

            1. re: QAW

              The Cuban restaurant at the Howard Johnson's is the Florida Cafe. I would skip
              Battista's - mediocre food, overpriced and the wine is terrible.

              I would check out the dining options at tix4tonight - closest location to LV Hilton is just south of the Rivera. For a $3 service fee you receive a confirmed off peak reservation and a 1/2 price entree at a number of restaurants. Two of the participating restaurants (Benihana and TJ's Steakhouse are in the LV Hilton. Enoteca mentioned previously also participates. A list of participating restaurants may be found at:

              In addition, there are a number of Strip restaurants that offer discounted gift certificates through There is a 60% off sale ($25 certificate for only $4) going on through 2/15 - use code TREAT at check out.

          2. Breakfast - Coffee and a pastry at the Bouchon Bakery stand at the Venetian. It may run you ten bucks, but it is well worth it.

            Vegas is also a great place to eat a big lunch at a fancier place, and then have a lighter dinner. I think Emeril's places are open for lunch, as is the Border Grill at Mandalay, the list goes on. Then for dinner, you can always just take a bar seat somewhere and get a glass of wine and an appetizer. Pretty much all the places that have a bar in the restaurant will let you order food at the bar... nice if you're interested in just some appetizers or something.