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Feb 10, 2009 08:23 AM

3 day weekend trip - eating near Kenmore, museums?

Hello Boston Chowhounders!

My SO and I are heading up from southern CT to enjoy the upcoming 3 day weekend in Boston. We are looking for some great recommendations on places to eat while we're up there.

1) Our hotel is in Kenmore Square so any good breakfast/brunch options in that area
2) Lunch options (noodles, cafe, sandwiches or bistro) around the Boston Museum of Fine Art and the Gardner Museum
3) Also, lunch and dinner options near Newbury Street.

We love all types of food and it can be casual or even hole in the wall, just as long as the food (and service) is good. We're not looking for anything super crowded/noisy or with a jam packed bar scene. Range is $5-15 for lunch/breakfast and $15-40 for dinner.

One option we are already looking into is Eastern Standard for dinner. Where else should we check out?


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  1. Near MFA, Trattoria Tuscano (Jersey Street) excellent mid priced and quite Tuscan. Garnder has a nice cafe (soups sandwiches etc). Agree on Eastern Standard. Also in Kenmore is India Quality and about 1/2 mile west (Brighton Ave near Comm Ave) is Jo Jo Taipei. I've not been but hounds that i trust rave.

    1. Eastern Standard also serves breakfast (M-Sa) and Sunday brunch. If you don't want to eat there morning and night, you can consider switching dinner to Petit Robert Bistro @ Kenmore Square.

      Trattoria Toscana is great, but maybe better for dinner? It opens at 5pm I believe, so you can go there for dinner after your day at the museums. I also agree that the cafe at the Gardner museum is very nice - both food and ambiance.

      If you walk towards Symphony Hall direction after MFA, there are more options such as Pho & I for pho noodles.

      1. You are also close to Petit Robert Bistro just down Com Ave from your hotel.

        Petit Robert Bistro
        468 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215

        1. Thanks for all the recommendations. Trattoria Toscano looks like a nice place for dinner and I will have to look at Petit Robert Bistro as well.

          Pho is definitely a possibility for lunch - any other lunch options? I know there are trendy restaurants on Newbury St but would like to go somewhere with less of a "scene" and a shorter waiting time.

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            India Quality, a very good Indian Restaurnat in Kenmore Sq, open for lunch and dinner; Great Bay Restaurant in the Commonwealth Hotel in Kenmore Square, very good seafood but pricey and not open for lunch; just outside of Kenmore Square on Beacon Street heading towards Brookline (about a 3-5 minute walk from the Kenmore Sq.), you can get delicious burgers and other goodies at Audobon.

          2. Audubon Circle is exactly the type of place I'm looking for. I think I have a tentative list of places to try...

            For lunch - Pho & I, Audubon Cirlce, The Other Side Cafe, Parish Cafe.
            For dinner - Great Eastern, Elephant Walk, Trattoria Toscano, Ten Tables