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Feb 10, 2009 06:54 AM

Where to dine/celebrate after my City Hall wedding?

Fellow Chowhounders,

I'm having a bit of a dining dilemma trying to find the perfect lunch/dinner spots to celebrate after my city hall wedding this April. It will be family only --maybe 12 ppl max. Problem is---I need to find a place that has great food, yet isn't too pretentious, or "fancy". My in-laws are sweet low-key midwesterners so I want to find some places that will strike the perfect balance of great food and comfort. Cost isn't really an issue--open to all cuisines except Japanese.

Please help....

Giorgio's of Gramercy
Jean-Georges (though I may think they might feel out of place here)

Blue Hill

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  1. i had friends walk across the brooklyn bridge after and they had a great lunch at The River Cafe.

    1. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

      We booked the private room at Market Table on Carmine for our 10-guest wedding this January (it holds 20 max). There were some good standards (great hush puppies, lamb chops, a sangria-marinated steak, butterscotch pudding).

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        Thanks & congrats on your wedding! Will def look into this!

        1. re: trinyc

          Thanks, it was a lovely evening, service was attentive, and we were stuffed.

          We also looked into the Harrison, which may also suit you. It's a little more expensive.

      2. I suggest City Hall in Tribeca. Great for your size.

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          I second city hall. I think it would fit perfectly.

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            Thanks--might do city hall for lunch. In the evening---any suggestions? Italian might fit the bill.

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                no not at all. Anywhere in particular? We love Peasant...so was thinking of that.