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Feb 10, 2009 06:46 AM

Center City Pubs

I'm looking for pubs/cheap eats within walking distance of Broad and Walnut. I know there's Good Dog, Fado, Monks...and I'm drawing a blank on the zillion others I know are in the area. What's the name of the place that replaced Chaucer's that's gotten so many good reviews? Friends are coming in from out of town and are staying at the Doubletree. They've requested a pub....Thanks, hounds.

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  1. Pub and Kitchen is in the old Chaucer's space, it's the best of all the places you mentioned as far as food goes (though Good Dog's burger is better), I'd send them there. It's a little bit of a hike (at 20th and Lombard), but the food is great. Tria is near there too, it's not really a pub but they have an excellent beer selection. Time is close as well, I've never been there and have read mixed reviews.

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      I had one appetizer at Time last week with my beer. Fried Veggies. Very disappointing. The batter was bland, the dipping sauces were bland...we didn't even finish it. Would have had more flavor if the vegetables were served by themselves! Maybe other dishes are better...

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        I have to disagree about Good Dog's burger being better Pub and Kitchen's. Last Good Dog burger I had was good, but not as fabulous as it used to be. P and K's burger is indeed fabulous.

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        1. i met friends at nodding head yesterday and i forgot how much i like their beer. sadly, i don't think the food entirely lives up. it's not bad, but it's not mind-blowingly amazing. i love the comfy decor there though.

          1. I second Nodding Head. Their food is decent enough... the beer is v. good and I love the atmosphere.

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            1. re: padovana

              Went to McGillin's. Glad I never have to do that again.

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                  Sorry, got on this late. Suprised no one recommended Fergie's. McGillin's has become a college frat bar...lost its charm years ago... Good Dog -Yes! Fergie's-Yes! Monk's-Yes!

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                    how's the food at fergie's? i often go to shows upstairs there (gotta love free) but never eaten there. bad, passable or better?

                    1. re: rabidog

                      Food's kind of hit-and-miss, at least the general bar food. Word is that the burgers are good (I'm not a burger guy). I like the both Chilis a lot (veg. and beef). Had the hot roast beef sandwhich last time, enh.
                      They've got specials that seem a little fancier, never gotten those, though.