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Feb 10, 2009 05:26 AM

Daniel - pre-fixe or tasting?

I'll be heading to Daniel this week for an anniversary celebration. I have never been to Daniel before, and having taken a look at both the pre-fixe and tasting menu, everything sounds really good. The tasting menu is decently more expensive than the regular menu ($175 vs $105), but almost all the dishes on the tasting menu sound like the dishes I would pick from the regular menu, so I'm considering it. Does anyone know if the dishes on the tasting menu are substantially smaller than the dishes on the pre-fixe? If anyone has tried both experiences, would you recommend one over the other? Thanks!

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  1. If Daniel is not a place you will be getting back to soon I would strongly encourage you to go for the tasting. The portions are the size they should be IMO, if anything I would say they fall on the "more than enough" side. It is a great way to experience as much as you can in this great restaurant. Rest asssured if you do decide to go with pre fixe you still will not be disappointed.

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      I think we are going to go for the pre-fixe option tonight. Does anyone have any recommendations between the following choices (the ones that look interesting to me):


      Anyone have any comments on the two choices of foie gras?
      Almond Crusted Foie Gras Terrine kumquat-date napoléon, mache, asian pear
      Pate Of Squab And Foie Gras sicilian pistachios, blood orange, lillet gelée

      Between the two seafood appetizers, anyone have thoughts on either?
      Yellowfin Tuna Tartar With Caviar seared bluefin toro with meyer lemon, yuzu, wasabi
      Kataifi Crusted Sea Scallops porcini, salsify, pumpkin oil

      Main Course:

      Fish dish - again, trying to decide between the two:
      Baked Atlantic Bar With Maine Lobster swiss chard, "sauce bourguignonne"
      Olive Oil Poached Atlantic Cod green lentil ragoût, glazed salsify, sage jus

      Meat dish - same deal:
      Spiced Elysian Field Lamb Chop ras el hanout, chickpea panisses "cannelloni" of shoulder, bulgur and apricot
      Duo Of Dry Aged Black Angus Beef red wine braised short rib with sunchokes, seared rib eye with hazelnut-potato croquette

      I think our preference in general is for the not-too-heavy, but not-too-bland either dishes. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!