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Feb 10, 2009 05:24 AM

last minute v-day rec. in philly?

Hi all -

I am making a last minute valentines day weekend getaway to Philadelphia this weekend with my fiance. Can anyone recommend any restaurants for dinner on Saturday night? Any bar recommendations would be nice too. I'd love to go somewhere trendy - think like martini bar and then trendy-ish restaurant? We are good with anything besides seafood and sushi. We are staying in center city, right next to Reading Terminal Market.

Any nearby brunch recs would be good too, or something low key, but still good, for Friday night. We will probably leave from New York around 7 so will not get in until 9 ish... and I know he'll be tired and complaining about not wanting to stay out too late on Friday. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot :)

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  1. Tinto, Alma de Cuba (I know I will get flamed for that one), Osteria, Amada, Matyson, Chifa (if you can get just opened) are good choices for dinner.

    LaCroix for brunch is very good.

    As far as Friday, you could do Tria and then hit up Naked Chocolate or Capogiro for dessert?

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    1. re: bluehensfan

      Thank you for all the recs. Unfortunately they are all booked according to opentable. I'm starting to get a little nervous! Do you think it's worth calling all of the places, or should we just pick one and try to put our name in that night?

      1. re: csp84

        You could call the places directly but it may be hard to find something this close. There is also Zahav and Lolita you may consider also. You may want to call Chifa since they just opened last week and may not be on OpenTable.

        1. re: csp84

          You are a little late, unfortunately, for booking valentines day. Maybe you can go the BYOB route, as there are some that don't take reservations.

      2. My BIL asked me to help him out with a reservation and suggestion for VD two weeks ago. Everything was already booked at that time, with availability only at 5 or 10, if that even. I think the fact that VD is on a Saturday has made it doubly difficult to get a table.
        Maybe try Vietnam in Chinatown for dinner on Friday night. LaCroix for brunch is a great suggestion. A friend had brunch at the Moshulu on Sunday and said it was very good, and really enjoyed it. Not nearly as luxurious as LaCroix, but it might be worth checking out.