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Feb 10, 2009 05:09 AM

Wonderful Stuffed Cabbage Recipe: Lost!

The recipe was part of a story told about her mom's cooking. It had a meat filling and when you boiled the cabbage, you'd remove the leaves as they softened, then roll them up with the stuffing. Then (this is the best part), you'd layer them in a Dutch oven with leftover shredded cabbage and sauerkraut, top with a kind of sweet and sour tomato sauce and bake for 2 hours. Has anyone seen this one? I've lost my printed version!! Thanks!

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    1. How about this recipe? you can make in Dutch oven on top of stove or cook in oven -

      My recipe is for Jewish Hungarian stuffed cabbage with a teensy bit of brown sugar, probably a violation to true Hungarians. The secret ingredient is to use sauerkraut juice and blend with some brown sugar. I also add sliced carrots to the dish, adding some natural sweeting. Remember stuffed cabbage is best made in advance and "rested" in the fridge for 1-2 days to allow flavors to meld. Here it is:
      Large head green cabbage with core removed
      2 lb. ground chuck
      1 T garlic powder
      14-16 oz. can sauerkraut, juice drained into mixing bowl
      3/4 cup rice, washed and drained
      12 oz. baby carrots or sliced carrots
      2 28 oz. cans chopped tomatoes, I like RedPack brand
      1/3 cup brown sugar
      2 eggs, beaten
      1 large yellow onion, finely chopped
      Bring very large 12+ quart stockpot to boil with about 9 quarts water. When boiling, add 1 T salt. Immerse whole cabbage (without core) in pot. Let simmer 5-10 min, until you can remove whole leaves with sharp knife at base. You may have to re-immerse cabbage several times to get this done. Typically, you harvest 12-14 leaves. Finely chop the remainder of the cabbage and reserve in large bowl. The next step is optional, but makes the dish taste better - using sharp paring knife, remove some of the woody vein along coked leaf, leaving it all attached, but trim judiciously. The goal is to make the leaf even thickness, cuts down on cooking time and tastes better. Let leaves dry in colander while you make filling.
      Mix ground beef with s&p, eggs, washed rice, garlic powder in large bowl. Reserve filling.
      Preheat oven to 350. Liberally grease very large roasting pan (like for turkey, preferably 11X17. To reserved chopped leftover cabbage, add drained sauerkraut. Optional is you can wash kraut for milder flavor. Mix in chopped onions and carrots. Spread half this mixture in bottom of roasting pan.
      Mix tomatoes, s&p, brown sugar and reserved sauerkraut juice. Taste and adjust seasoning, you may want to make it more sour - add lemon juice, or more sweet - more brown suage. Pour 1/3 of this mixture over cabbage in roasting pan.
      Fill each prepared cabbage leaf with small amount of ground beef mixture. Close as for envelope, making sure rolls are tight. DO NOT overstuff, rolls will explode. Line up rolls on top of prepared cabbage/tomato mixture. Add remaining cabbage/onion/carrot mixture and top with remaining tomato sauce. Cover roasting pan very tightly with heavy duty foil and bake at 350 for 2 1/2 - 3 hours. To save on cleanup, place roasting pan on large sheet pan.
      After cooking time is up, check cabbage rolls to see if they are fully cooked. They may need some more time. Hint: if you are freezing them, cook about 3/4 way done, cool, then freeze

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        Thanks y'all! Those both look wonderful and I'll try them, they're close enough. BTW, I always make a huge batch and freeze them with my Food Saver - works great. I do that with all foods that take a while to make or cook.