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Feb 10, 2009 05:06 AM

Fuhgeddaboudit - in N. Raleigh

First, forget about the terribly stupid name. This is a new pizza place in Celebration at Six Forks. Hey, at least they don't have pictures of Sinatra, Dean Martin and the Sopranos.

It's a pizza place, plain and simple. It's not bad, really. I only tried the cheese slice and the "Red and White" specialty slice. The plain was pretty decent, the specialty less so, especially at its premium price. They usually have Sicilian by the slice but did not when I was there because the dough had overproofed. They serves "heroes" not subs, and know that calzones don't routinely have meat in them. I haven't had a hero yet, but they do bake their own bread. It doesn't necessarily mean it's good, but it might be. Starting Thursday, they will have ices from the Lemon Ice King of Corona. And the decor isn't too corny. (Full disclosure - there are pictures of my old 'hood and the neighborhood where I went to high school so I'm not impartial.)

On the down side, the owner is a little too much of a purist. Won't serve tea because they don't in NY. Won't put mayo on sandwiches (of course it's even criminal to ask) because they don't in NY. Won't serve ranch dressing get the point. There's authentcity and then there's just accomodating a customer's reasonable request. The pizza won't taste any different if he has tea in the place. The prices are a touch high, but not terrible.

I still think Pizza Italia on Westgate is better, but this place (I refuse to use that dumb name) is much closer to my office. It's an okay new pizza option in the area.

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  1. I can appreciate a desire for authenticity, but if I go into a restaurant in North Carolina and am told they don't have tea or I can't get mayo on a sandwich because it's not "authentic", I don't think I'd be back. There's authenticity, and then, to your point, there's just plain accommodating a customer's request. Unless they're planning on thriving on business from nothing but NY purists like the owner, that stance may be very off-putting to locals.

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      1. I was given a coupon and went in and they told me they could not honor it since it was expired. It had no expiration date on it at all.

        The cashier was pleasent about it but the supervisor was RUDE and un-friendly.

        I would not recomend this place if you want good pizza go to I LOVE NY PIZZA on hillsboro street. (919) 838-0011 They are friendly and have great pizza.

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          I agree with you (about the poor attitude, not the other pizza rec :-) ). I was in again this week and got more a healthy helping of poor attitude from the staff. I was not pleased at all. We had a problem with coupon redemption, too. We offered to order something more expensive than what the coupon offered but were told, no, that's what the coupon says and that's all there is to that. I really hope they're not thinking that the "NY attitude" is part of the atmosphere. It just won't play here. In part, this is why many of us are ex-NY'ers. Who needs it?

        2. Former NYer here who now works up the street on Six Forks Rd. The pizza is passable. Not outstanding. Def better than most in Raleigh. Could have been a good stand in for the real deal but for me the sauce fell way short. Tastes like a jar of Newman's own. Two big upsides, the decor is totally fun (despite the ridiculous name). I especiallly lovede the Seinfeld playing omn the TV. Also, one slice stoof out - the special with the red hot chili peppers. Wortyh trying for that alone. But overall, nowhere near as good as Andy's on Falls and Millbrook or the Grandma's pie at Giannio and Gaetano (best in NC so far).

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          1. re: stvo

            I am sorry the words Andy's and good do not belong in the same sentence. Andy's sauce just tastes plan bad and the pizza is only good if you were raised on Greek Pizza.

            I do agree that the Grandma's pie at Giannion and Gaetano is good.

          2. I can certainly appreciate anyone who refuses to serve ranch dressing; ranch is a food-abomination, a pox, a disease that must be eradicated. I like mayo, but I can take or leave it if it's how the chef intends his food to be served. But no sweet tea? Does he know where he is? Integrity of the food is one thing. How I choose to wash it down is another. If we wanted to live in a world without sweet tea, we'd move up there, rather than graciously accept them here, as our guests. I'm sure he'll come to his senses and realize that this isn't New York, and that we like it that way. That said, I've gotta check the place out and meet the man with the cahones to refuse to serve ranch dressing; for that, he is a hero to restaurant-owners and chefs everywhere, and should be commended. It looks like I'll be making a rare venture to the Raleigh that exists outside of the beltline. ;) Thanks for the mention.