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Feb 10, 2009 04:25 AM

East Rutherford Deli?

Are there any decent local deli's in E Rutherford? Just looking for a good sandwich.

Everyplace I've gone into has been dingy and unappetizing.


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  1. Forget the name, but deli is at the corner of Union St and Hackensack Ave.
    I think there is a ball field across the street (to the South); its just one block west of Route 17.

    The building is a bit run down on the outside, and the inside is not indicative of the great food, either. But give it a try, everything is very fresh and homemade. Just FYI, it leans Italian---in case you were looking for German or Jewish-type deli's, I thought I would warn you in advance.

    If you know where Park and Orchard is, the deli is on the same side of the street and on the same block, south of P&O>

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      Italian is fine...just looking for a good sandwich.

      Thanks for the rec!


      1. re: BarbaraNJ

        I think you're talking about Annabella's.