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Feb 10, 2009 04:24 AM

Gluttony or Chow?

The "This is Why your Fat" site was sent to me by one of our kids as a forum for discussion. What is your favorite? Most repulsive? He liked the Megga Double Stuffed Oreos and Bacon Explosion. I want the apple pie w/ cheddar cheese or the bacon shell taco.

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    1. I liked the apple pie also-- the huge chunks of fresh apple looked appealing, and the cheese was melted. Did you see the ice cream on the side? I would eat this without guilt as a complete meal in itself, not as a dessert following a meal. I thought most of the creations were highly original and humorous, but would be best shared with lots of wine and beer and laughs. Also in a place where there was physical activity going on -- swimming, ping pong, skating, basketball, dancing, carpentry, etc. The giant breakfast burrito is a terrific thing to serve before a group hike or a building project. I like the bacon mayo idea, in fact I'll make myself a jarful during tomato season. All the food looked delicious and FUN! Good for parties where the food would be talked about for a long time afterwards, reliving the fun. BTW I am very slim.

      1. Ohhh, that Double Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt looks so good...! Don't know that I could ever survive eating it though, :-(

        1. It's chow given the creativity of some of the food, it could taste really good. It's pure gluttony if one person is eating some of those things. Seems like most of them are really party dishes (so I hope) although cheesecake on a stick caught my eye. Might not be willing to share on that one.

          1. That french-fry encased hot dog on Page 1 is pretty intriguing.