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Feb 10, 2009 04:13 AM

Barcelona at Easter

I am thinking of arranging my Easter holiday in Barcelona with Sibings and father. I have been reading so many posts with wonderful reviews and was wondering if i am on the right track. I wish to do one expensive "fusion" night - and the rest traditional, seafood, paella, tapas etc. My dad is hitting 70 so no stand up tapas bars. Please also can anyone tell me a good area to atay in and also a good hotel (3/4 star).
Which of these should i chose? ( $ nights and 5 days to work with)

Cherif - Paella
Can Ros - Paella
Casa Venezia - Paella
El Ventorillo Murciano - Paella
Cinc Sentis - posh upmarket ( v highly reccommended)
Alkima (same as above)
Cerveseria Catelana - tapas with tables
Asador Tierra Aranda - suckling lamb
El Vaso de Oro - tapas
Paco Meralgo - - tapas
Restaurant San Joan - home cattalan cooking (only lunch
)Cal Pep - maybe too many tourists
Can Fabes - - posh
Comerc24 - upmarket tapas

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  1. These two are in Madrid, not Barcelona:

    El Ventorrillo Murciano - Paella
    Asador Tierra Aranda - suckling lamb

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      ah thanks - so many of the barcelona posts are mixed with madrid. silly me

    2. I have not found any great paella in Barcelona though Can Ros is not bad. I think restaurants do the traditional arroz dishes better.
      Can Fabes is not in Barcelona but in Sant Celoni, a small non-descript town about 45 minutes outside of Barcelona and easily reach by train. Unless you are driving or plan to stay overnight (the restaurant also has beautifully furnished rooms), lunch would be the option because trains stop running before one finish with dinner. A lunch would probably take up most of the afternoon, therefore, plan accordingly. I think it is definitely one of the very best restaurant in Spain.
      Cinc Sentits, Alkimia and Comerc24 are upscale and comfortable but by no mean "posh". They are not really "fusion" but modern re-interpretation of Spanish cooking.
      Most of the places on your list has been discussed on this board. Search and you will find many posts on them.
      As for places to stay, Placa de Catalunya is the center of most interesting sights of Barcelona, therefore, hotels in the Eixample and the Old Town would be the most convenient. These areas also has the highest concentration of places to eat.
      A point to make in that most restaurants (not tapas/pintxos places) do not open for dinner until 8:30 at the earliest and do not get busy until 9:30 or after.