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Feb 10, 2009 02:51 AM

Best place to find fresh, local produce?

Who sells the best fresh, local produce? I can't make it to the St.Lawrence market on the weekends. I know local produce is difficult in the winter, but we must have a few greenhouses around...

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  1. The market in Dufferin Grove on Thursdays after 3 pm

    1. Culinarium has a CSA program...they deliver. They also have an artisanal winter program too. there's over 35 farms. I get my stuff from the organic ones that are listed.

      1. Organics on Bloor has a weekly box of local produce, but they don't have much in-store at this time of year.

        During the winter, I find Loblaws has the best selection, though it's not identified as clearly as other places. Fiesta Farms is better for the rest of the year. And obviously, farmers markets during the growing season.

        1. Plan B also have a winter CSA and you can specify local only. I get it once a month and frankly that is enough cabbage for me :) In addition to cabbage, there are generally potatoes, carrots, garlic, onions, and less regularly, beets, sweet potato, winter squash. From the greenhouse: occasional mushrooms, and Sleger's greens. I haven't found the greenhouse stuff to necessarily be as fresh as I would like - it often has to be used within a couple of days. My local IGA also has some Sleger's I think, at least the butter lettuce.