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Soggy cereal!!!

I' m sitting here eating a bowl of cereal, I've let it sit in the milk for at least 10 minutes. Is there anyone else who likes it soggy. If so, share which ones and why? Would love to know i"m not the only one with the soggies. It's how i roll!

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  1. Sometimes, I love eating soggy cereal, espically when having sore gums. Best one is Life cereal, it gets soggy allmost instantly. The new maple and brown sugar one is excellent.

    1. I hate hate hate soggy cereal. I've been known to add my cereal to the milk one spoonful at a time. There's a special, magical point when the cereal is no longer so brittle but has not yet begun to sog. But if soggies float your boat, enjoy!

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        - Wow maybe i'm just nuts but i'm the opposite. If the cereal is not submerged in milk it's not ready.

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          Three words for you:
          Honey Nut Chex. You can pour milk on it, and stick it in the fridge for 5 minutes. It will still be crunchy as heck.

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            I'm with steamed dumpling. Hate soggy and have also been known to add milk a little at a time. I'd rather have a few dryer/crunchier pieces than soggy.

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              Count me as another anti-soggy. But I go one step further. I have my milk in a glass, and my cereal in a bowl. And ne'er the twain shall meet. (Except in my tummy....)

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                Me too! Neal Stephenson's book Cryptonomicon, one of the characters reflects on this very issue, how to keep apart milk and cereal until the last possible moment, because if they sit too long they become 'loathsome sludge'.

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                Me too on the hatred of the soggy. Probably why I dislike cornflakes and rice krispies so much - milk gets within 6 inches of the bowl and they get soggy. Also why Grape Nuts is one of the few cereals I have enjoyed my whole life. They can sit for an hour in milk and still have some crunch to them.

              3. I'm with you showthyme!
                But then I don't like chewing gum til I've gotten rid of all the flavor either.

                1. Is there any other way than soggy lol???? Kashi drove me nuts for a while until I realized you just have to wait it out.

                  1. I like all cereal soggy, but to gordeaux's point, Chex is especially good - the insides fill with milk to maximize the sogginess!

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                      Sorry if I wasn't clear. Honey Nut Chex was a suggestion for Steamed Dumpling. It does NOT get soggy no matter what you do.

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                        oh - ha! I've never had Honey Nut Chex, but I stand by my statement (regarding regular corn chex, at least)

                    2. Weetabix gets wonderfully soggy. Best price by far is Trader Joes.

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                        Some Weetabix boxes suggest using a shallow pool of milk or cream. The immersed half of the biscuit gets soggy, while the rest remains crisp. You get the best of both worlds that way.

                      2. Only shredded wheat, which I hardly ever eat anyway.

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                          Agree, only shredded wheat, but I like it, a lot...

                        2. i love love love soggy cornflakes....the coldness ofrom the milk gets transferred to the cornflakes making it a very refreshing treat!

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                            I love soggy frosted flakes too! And also cap'n crunch. Ha, I like to let it sit as long as possible so they all get soggy but right before the milk starts to turn lukewarm!

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                              Nice, I was eating frosted flakes and when i was done i was left with the mega sweet milk and isn't that the best part?

                          2. Not I. I hated it so much as a kid I'd eat cereal plain w/o any liquid. Now I'll only eat cereal w/milk if it's a crispier cereal that'll w/stand the drenching of milk.

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                              My sister and I were both the same as kids!

                            2. My favorite is Quaker Granola. I usually pour a mug of milk then add granola, and wait about 15 minutes. There's still a little crunch, but it's easier to eat.

                              1. I hate it when my cereal gets soggy. I LOVE Frosted Flakes, but i put the milk in the bowl first, then ad the bananas, THEN the cereal, then eat it fast so the flakes are still crunchy. It's depressing otherwise.

                                1. I prefer my cereal soggy, too, especially Frosted Flakes and Cocoa Pebbles. I HATE crunchy cereal (also, I don't do toast. Just give me regular bread, thank you very much).

                                  1. I used to pour milk into a jar of Skippy peanut butter and chocolate.

                                    Oh right, yes, I drown cereal in milk too.

                                    1. I am a fairly slow eater and enjoy the gradual transition from crisp to soft. Rice Krispies seem to go fairly quickly, cornflakes and raisin bran a bit slower. GrapeNuts start out so crunchy that if I'm hungry I sometimes finish before they're soggy. This is ok with me because if they do soften fully they soak up so much milk that there isn't any left to drink out of the bowl. Just a thin coating for the cat to lap up.

                                      1. I only like cereal soggy. I've been eating whole wheat cheerios with almond slivers and blueberries. Yum!

                                        1. Love love love soggy cereal. I always pre-pour the milk. My favorites are Life and Frosted Mini Wheats. For both of these, the best thing to do is put them in the bowl, add milk and immediately mash them into shreds with the back of the spoon (much easier while they are still crispy). Then, let them soak for a little and ENJOY!

                                          1. I'm with you. Soggy is the only way I'll eat cereal and enjoy it. I try to put in just enough milk so that all of it is absorbed by the cereal. If you want crisp/crunchy, what's the point of adding milk? I prefer flakes and clusters and don't like rice krispies or shredded wheat.