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Feb 9, 2009 08:27 PM

M de Chaya in Beverly Hills

I was at my Dr for a today and happened to stop by the M de Chaya. It just opened today and was pleasantly surprised at the amazing customer service. Everyone was very much on the top of their game and could not have been more cordial or helpful. The owner (?) was on hand and offered each person that I saw a dessert gratis--based on their tastes. While I think that M is a bit overpriced ($14.95 for a tuna burger and $3.50 for an IZZE drink?!), the service put it over the top. I've been to the location in CC and also had really friendly and helpful employees. The fact that they've catered some charity stuff I've done also makes me really like this place!

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  1. We've eaten at the one in Culver City a few times with very good results all around. Yes, they're a little pricy considering how it's extremely casual, but the food and help has always been spot on for us, particularly for my sister who is a hard-ass vegan. She's been to Real Food Daily and Native Foods too many times, so she found this to be a nice change of pace.

    Did you notice any differences between the new BH location and the one in Culver City that would make a trip to the BH one worth while? Thanks!

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      There is no reason to make the extra trip to BH--it is much smaller and has a smaller menu. I went on Saturday and had one of The Best lattes I've ever had-- much to my surprise. And some of those savory sesame "cookies" that are really dry and taste healthy. I have a friend who was only RAW and is now Vegan (thank goodness--the choices for Raw are not my style!) and she LOVES M!

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        Thanks for reporting back. We see my sister as the grim reaper when she comes over. All of our usual food options are dead so we bring out our much shorter alternative "hard-ass vegan sister-approved" list of places. When poster Das Ubergeek wrote of his experience at M in Culver City, and after hearing about Akasha, it's like the sky broke open after a long run of bad weather, and rays of hope warmed my soul. :)