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Feb 9, 2009 06:53 PM

I loved the spicy fish fillets with peppercorn at Szechuan best...where can i find a similar dish?

I loved the spicy fish fillets with peppercorn at Szechuan Best. Now that it is closed where shall i turn? chungking's version with chicken is a little intense for if you could point me in a direction where the dish is fish, and where it is spicy, but not incredibly painfully so.

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  1. At Hop Li you can get fish filets in black bean sauce, which is probably very similar. There is one on Pico near the west side pavillon and one on Alpine in Chinatown.

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      Make the trek if it is one for you and do the Hop Li on alpine.

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        There is also a Hop Li on Santa Monica Blvd. that took over the former JR Seafood in W.L.A. The one in Chinatown has its strengths, though I greatly prefer Yang Chow. The one on Pico has some goodlooking seafood dishes, but what I ordered there for lunch was bland. The former JR was fun, tasty, and packed when it opened over a decade ago -- the new Hop Li is the weakest of the trio.

    2. Couple months ago I was at Hop Li in Chinatown and one of the blackboard specials was a fish with spicy sauce. It was rock cod filets with a spicy sauce that had some heat which wasn't unmanageable. I'm sure they still have it.

      Hop Li Seafood
      526 Alpine St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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          you are probably right that chung king is the place to go. the spicy-ness is pretty intense there for me. I'll try to hang in there, perhaps with the aid of some beers.

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            i also concur on Chung King, fish fillets swimming in that Szechwuan peppercorn sauce, sinus and stomach searing goodness. but is hotter than all hell.


        2. The suggestions for Hop Li won't really cut it if you're looking for the Sichuanese dish with Sichuan peppercorns. Hop Li serves Cantonese food; it's an entirely different cuisine and doesn't use Sichuan peppercorns. Chungking may be the only purely Sichuanese restaurant in the area. You could also try Yunggui Garden in Monterey Park -- they serve both Yunnan and Sichuanese dishes, and the Sichuanese I've tried there has been good (chicken with chilis, "water-boiled" beef, "water-boiled" fish).

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            You're right that Hop Li is definitely not what I'm looking for. I'd like to try Yunggui Garden, however. Are there other dishes you recommend there?

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              i haven't been but Hu's Szechuan on National might just have it.


          2. Most Chinese restaurants serve a mix of both Sichuan and whatever their specialty is. Just ask if they have Sichuan Yu Pian .

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              It is unlikely that a Cantonese restaurant will keep Sichuan peppercorn in stock. Cantonese food is not known for its spiciness. I have known Cantonese people who thought green bell peppers were too spicy.