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Feb 9, 2009 06:46 PM

Looking for Denton area taquerias.

I came across Scotts website www.dallasfood.org/ via donnacooks.wordpress.com a while back and have been an avid fan of it. The posts about the taquerias is great, his attention to detail is commendable and the pictures, well lets just say if i wasnt working in the Coppell area then i would have been making a beeline over to some of the places he writes about to sample the goods.

I have been residing in Denton for over an year now, and have posted previously asking for help to locate restaurants there, and the replies have been greatly appreciated. I have been looking for some local area taquerias in the Denton area, and have seen a few but havent actually been adventurous enough to wander in. I was hoping to get some advice on here so if anyone knows of a few good places then do let me know. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The city of Denton has a restaurant map. Someone over at the city must have some time on their hands. It has most of all the restaurants on there. There might be a few missing due to the construction/closings on the south side.


    Health Scores might be indicative of quality:

    I have heard several good thing about Taco Lacy on McKinney out past downtown...down around the Mrs. Bairds Thirft Store.

    If she is good I would also try the taqueria down int he laundromat (excellent idea).

    Other than that her is a reply to my post

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      LewisvilleHounder Thx for the reply. I did see that post as well, but the map is dated from 2005. There is a new Mi Casita on 288 adjacent to the Colters which has been closed for sometime now. Btw Mi Casita was ehh, not all that. I had heard really good things about it. I got some chicken/beef fajitas from them and some of chips/salsa. Salsa was decent, but the fajitas tasted like they had been sitting in their juices for a while. A bit on the tough side. I did go there at night around 8 pm, and i can assume the food would not be the best, so choke it up to that.

    2. La Mexicana on Locust b/t Eagle Dr. and the Square is my favorite. They specialize in mariscos (seafood), w/ a fab ceviche & seafood soups. Picadillo (ground beef stew) is the ultimate in comfort food. Mexico City style tacos (small, 3 to an order w/ cilantro & onion) are available in al pastor, barbacoa, beef, chicken, lengua, etc. Breakfast all day. Mexican talk shows/ game shows/ telanovelas on the tv. Paradise. Have also had good luck a couple of blocks to the west @ Casa Galaviz. Taqueria Hacienda on Dallas Dr. used to be my fave (THE best chorizo) but repeatedly bad service was too frustrating. Great tacos, though. Good luck- and if you find any other gems be sure to pass them along!

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        @dentonfoodie. Thx for the reply and recommendations. I will definitely give them a try or two.