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Feb 9, 2009 06:35 PM

Charlotte - Weekday Prix Fixe?

Are there any good prix fixe in the Charlotte area during the week? With the economic downturn now - and the success of Restaurant Week bringing out more people - wondering if any place has/extended their deals?

Fiamma extended it for a bit after last year's Restaurant Week, but haven't been by in a while.

Waldhorn has a decent prix fixe that includes beer, soup/salad, entree & dessert for $25 going on now.

Any other recommendations?

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  1. I believe Arpa is extending their RW prix fixe through February.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Arpa, M5, Upstream, Mimosa and Zink are all running it through March. There were also 4-5 restaurants that banded together and were offering a $100 coupon drawing that you could win and use at any of the restaurants that banded together. I know Lulu's was one of them but can't remember the others.

      I think I also read somewhere of some other resturants doing this that refused to pay the $1k entrance fee to restaurant week but can't find that reference either :(

      1. re: friek

        Arpa, M5, Upstream, Mimosa and Zink are running 3 for $30 and a 2 for $20 through March. I think Oceanaire is offering a 3 for $33.

        I wonder if the ones that didn't pay the entrance fee wish they would have. I saw a ton of ads for CRW everywhere.

    2. Outside of restaurant week, we don't really have many restos that do a prix fixe, do we? Try Ratcliffe on the Green on Tryon. I know they used to have a 5 or 7 course prix fixe with or without wine pairings. Great local food.

      1. For a while Nolia was doing a 3-course dinner with beer pairings for each course on Mondays and 3-course wine dinners on Tuesdays. They are not officially doing this anymore, but a while back the bartender told me if we asked for it we could probably get it. If so, you may want to try real fast, as I'm not sure how long they'll stay in business-- they seem to be real slow every time I go by.

        1. We went to Lulu last night. Turns out they have a prix fixe menu Monday - Thursday from 5-7. It's $19 for 4 courses. That seems like a pretty good deal, although we ordered off the menu. I saw a couple other tables order the prix fixe and while the portions were a little smaller they were not at all stingy and looked well worth the price.

          The food last night by the way, was just as good as I would expect from Lulu, but the service was awful. The only two servers seemed to be completely overrun.

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          1. re: concordcourtney

            Good to know about the weekday prix fixe. Sorry to hear the service was bad though. :(

            1. re: concordcourtney

              We went to Lulu's last night before we went to a play and didn't have any problem at all with the service. We and another couple with us all did the prix fixe menu, What time did you go? We were there from 6-7:30 and even though the place was filling up toward the end our waiter was very much on top of things.

              1. re: friek

                $19 for 4 courses is a great value. Glad your service was good as well. What is the prix fixe menu like? I can't imagine 4 courses for $19 sounds to good to be true.

                1. re: GodfatherofLunch

                  The portions are slightly smaller than their regular menu counterparts, but not by as much as I expected. Personally I went with the soup of the day (potato/leek - I'm a leek addict), the BLT wedge salad, the blue plate special which was a pork nexk ragu served over gnochi and finished everything up with creme brulee. As is to be expected, the food was great. For appetizers they also had the calamari, the green tomato stack and some other things I can't recall. Salad options were either house or wedge and there were about 7-8 entrees to choose from, including steak and frittes. When we were there last night there were only 2 dessert options, the creme brulee or a chocolate mouse. Both desserts were very light, something I was in dire need of after the first three courses!

                  You really can't beat it for $19.11. They also have a carafe of house wine (white, rose or red) for $18 that should be enough for 2 people.

                  1. re: friek

                    Amazing, I don't know how they can make a profit at that price.
                    I do know that I am SO THEIR next week for dinner.
                    Is this deal available Monday thru Thursday?

                    1. re: friek

                      That pork ragu over gnocchi sounds right up my alley. Yum. That is a good deal. Thanks for the details!

                  2. re: friek

                    We were there (with reservations) at 6:30. I don't want to bad mouth them because last night's service was not consistent with my previous experience there and there's always an off night. The worst part was sitting and watching my steak frite get cold for 5 minutes, unable to eat it because we had no forks until at last my husband got up and went to find one of the servers to get us some.

                    But one night won't keep us from going back. The food is very good there, as I think we all agree.

                    1. re: concordcourtney

                      $20 for 4 courses, I'll help do dishes at these prices.

                2. Now through the 21st there's a 3 course for $30 available at Ratcliffe, Zebra, Global, Pewter Rose & Lulu. Found the information on Ratcliffe's website.

                  Just came from trying it at Zebra - one word - AMAZING.

                  Zebra stuck with their regular 3 course prix fixe, but offered it at $30 instead of the regular price. Had the torchon foie gras + an italian black truffle shaving, lamb loin diablo and the pistachio torte. The appetizer speaks for itself, the lamb loin had a very thought out layers of flavor (though could of used a bit more kick) and textures, and the dessert was a perfect sweet chocolate cap to the meal. Portions did not seem to be cut down anywhere, in fact, the dessert portions were probably too large! The slice of torte was the size of a dinner plate and the pecan tarte came out with 3 sizeable slices stacked ontop of one another! A nice touch was when Chef Jim brought out mini salmon tartar cones while we waited for the rest of the party. This got our taste buds rolling for a good night of food. An amuse bouche of roasted pepper puree and the constant flow of warm dinner rolls guided us through to the main menu.

                  Cannot wait to try out Ratcliffe tomorrow night! I'm not sure how you can find a better deal for the quality and experience as this!

                  Double thumbs up Charlotte for another awesome local taste bud adventure!!

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                  1. re: SkinnyChef

                    Sounds tasty. Also sounds like Chef Jim was inspired by Chef Tom Keller... with those salmon cones.

                    Wow, who'd every thought you could have foie gras, lamb and truffles in the same meal for $30 bucks - crazy!

                    1. re: SkinnyChef

                      I'm going to have to try this, that sounds like an amazing deal.