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Feb 9, 2009 06:24 PM

Cuban food in Orlando?

Staying close to Winter Park/Altamonte Springs area - any good Cuban food close by? Thanks.

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  1. Don Pepe's Habana Grill <>. One of the better Cuban Restaurants in the entire Central Florida area.

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    1. re: Orlando Vic

      Seconding Habana Grill in Altamonte Springs, but try this link: . I've always had top-notch food and service there, and they are currently running several specials.

      EDIT: Of course, since his post was February 9th, I hope he found it by now.

    2. Rolando's is on Semoran Blvd., not far from Altamonte.

      also, on 17-92, there is Cuban's On The Run. It is much more casual but offers good food at cheap prices.