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Feb 9, 2009 05:20 PM

Is Tom Berry Out at Temple Bar?

I have read in numerous articles that Temple Bar is looking for a new Executive Chef. Does this mean Tom Berry is out?

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    1. I had brunch at Temple Bar a few months ago. When I went to the men's room the (presumed) sous chef was using the urinal (apron held high). I had two kids and was very conspicuous in the stall. No flush, no hand wash. Will not go back.

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      1. re: almansa

        FWIW, Boards of Haelth tell you to wash in the kitchen so you don't pick up coodies along the way,

        1. re: Jolyon Helterman

          I really enjoyed Straight Wharf when he was the chef one summer.

          1. re: almansa

            (My original post was removed, I suppose for "shilling.")

            The facts: When I spoke to Tom Berry, he told me he will remain at Temple Bar through March 27, after which he will become the executive chef of the new Great Harbor Yacht Club in Nantucket, which opens this summer.

            1. re: Jolyon Helterman

              Facts! Imagine that! Facts. We deal in rumors and speculation here.

              Seriously, thanks for the info. I could go for a gig on Nantucket right about now.

          2. re: trufflehound

            Doesn't explain no flush though. Eww.

            1. re: yumyum

              I am hoping that trufflehound was posting tongue in cheek. Did I mention the apron held high with one hand?

              1. re: almansa

                I don't think so. I think the trufflehound was serious, and even *I* who can be a slacker when it comes to germs and such, wash up before preparing someone else's food.

          3. I am getting married at the great harbor yacht club this summer and met Tom last week out there to chat about the food. I'd never been to Temple Bar but now reading up on how everyone seemed to love the food he made there, I am super pumped to see what he comes up with for us!

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            1. re: julieapfel

              you must have his salmon ceviche appetizer at your wedding. it is the best dish i have ever had.

              i just called the temple bar to order some salmon ceviche, and i found out that the new executive chef took it off the menu. thanks to google and chowhound, i will be traveling to nantucket this summer to get me some. (next time you talk to tom, will you please ask him to carry the salmon ceviche appetizer on his new menu??)

              1. re: adisora

                haha thanks adisora for the salmon ceviche tip. I will definitely ask him about it and hopefully try to sneak it onto the menu. I am compiling a list of people's favorites of his from Temple Bar so I can mention it to him for possible menu ideas next time I see him so any suggestions would be appreciated. So far I have risotto, fries and flatbread pizza as some good ones.

                By they was I had a really good ceviche at Stella in the South End a few weeks ago if you need a fix.

            2. Me thinks Michael Scelfo is the new chef, which I know will be pleasing to a lot of people. He's got a solid following among CHers.

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              1. re: Fenway_Frank

                They changed the Pomme Frites, though... now they are just regular (although well cooked) fries. Not the thin, long slivers of spud ambrosia..

                1. re: grant.cook

                  any other good recommendations from Tom's menu at Temple Bar??