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Feb 9, 2009 05:02 PM

Recent Weekend - Tried a few nice restuarants

Spent the last few days in DC seeing my brother who came in from you Europe. We spent a few weeks combing through chowhound and came up with a short list.

1. Granville Moore's atmosphere and food was superb but lacking serious service. It is shame when come across a jewel to be dissapointed by service that included all areas of the house (hostess, waitress and manager).

2. Siroc is a new upcoming exceptional Italian restaurant that exceeding our expectations for wine, food, and service. I strongly encourage the DC area residents to give this small restaurant a try.

3. Attended a cooking class at "CulinAerie" - modern environment, excellent instruction - worth every penny. Check out some of the nightly classes if you want to improve your culinary skills. Place is first class! I wish they had one in Houston.

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  1. Robert- some friends and I are heading to Siroc tomorrow night, and you're right it looks great. I know it's been a bit since you were there, but do you remember any dishes to recommend in particular? Thanks!

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    1. re: mjhals

      I agree w/ the superb food/atmosphere at Granville Moore's. I absolutely love that place.
      Sorry you did not have good service. When I went about a month ago, the service was stellar from hostess to waitress.

      1. re: chicken kabob

        We went last night and were disappointed. I like the idea of that restaurant in that neighborhood. I liked the deconstructed interior. I thought the mussels themselves were good quality. The service was fine.

        But the food? eh. We got the frommage bleu and bierre mussel preparations and they were both completely without taste - which seems hard to do, considering bacon was in both and blue cheese in one. The frites were tasty but we were served a giant bowl of bits. Most pieces were just two inches long. Makes it hard to dip into the sauces (we got the truffle aioli and curried mayo. The mayo could have used more curry but I'll chalk that up to personal preference. The aioli was tasty.)

        We really wanted to like this place. We live in NE and there are not a lot of options. Since the chef is back from his stab at being a food network star, hopefully he will get the kitchen back in order, we'll hear good things again and will be able to give them another try.

        1. re: Stacys

          Wow, maybe it was an off night? I tried the moules frites there about 2 weeks ago, and they were off the charts. I had the biere preparation, and the broth was outstanding and extremely flavorful. I'm normally not a big moules frites fan, but these were awesome.

          1. re: hamster

            Hamster- I am glad you agree with me!!! Aren't the moules & frites UNREAL???
            And I love the character of the place. It is kind of edgy and unique...

            1. re: chicken kabob

              Yes, they really were delicious. The service was not amazing on our visit (ie, didn't offer a bread refill and didn't come to clear the dishes for AGES), but it was fine for us since we were in no rush. We also had waited around 2 hours to get a table! Next time I'll go back on an early weekday evening or something. That was nuts.

            2. re: hamster

              And the frites were great when I was there a couple months ago, not "bits," good for dipping -- in my friend's broth which was very flavorful and I even liked the moules I tried, and normally, like hamster, I don't understand all the fuss about moules frites. I also thought service was good -- it was inauguration weekend, actually, and it was mad crazy, but they remained sweet and solicitous over a long night -- although it did take much longer than should have to get our food (we ate at the bar).

      2. Where is Siroc? I'm going to be in DC next week.

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        1. re: bropaul

          Siroc is on McPherson Sq -- 15th betw I and K. Nice place.