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Feb 9, 2009 04:25 PM

The Bazaar - Perceptor's Report

i just watched the No Resevation episode where Bourdain ate at Jose Andres' restaurant Minibar in DC... he has basically brought El Bulli style creations closer to US... finally made a reservation for The Bazaar at the ultra hip SLS hotel on La Cienega... the space is gorgeous... it sprawls out like a hotel lobby.. my opinion of our experience is.. it was a fun meal with really interesting take on ingredient.. the responses we got from the food were most likely "ooo how interesting!!" or " thats cool!!" rather than "wow this is mindnumbingly delicious".... the service was quite slow... definitely not as passionate and focused as the service we got from XIV (maybe we got lucky there).... overall, a fun experience and a fun meal.. got to taste Ferran Adria style creations without flying to Barcelona...

Enjoy the photo coverage:

The Bazaar
SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills
465 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 246-5567

- Perceptor

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  1. Wonderful picture review......I've no idea how I'm going to stay under 5 plates on my visit. Perhaps 2 DineLA deals are in order. :-)

    1. Very nice report with photos. I felt as though I just relived my dinner on Saturday. We also enjoyed our meal very much. Very unique. I don't believe L.A. has anything quite like it. We had many of the dishes you had. Philly cheese steak was fun and delicious. The Foie Gras also was quite yummy. You had almost the same dishes we had. I think since we were there on Saturday, and the Grammy show the next night, it was extra busy. I would love to return and try some different items, possibly on a weekday night.

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      1. re: xoxohh

        xoxohh... yeah we were there this past saturday as well... it was very busy...

        1. re: Perceptor

          We sat in the Rojo room, right by the Charcuterie bar---maybe you noticed the man and woman who were lip locked at this bar for about 2 hours, as we did---entertaining!

          1. re: xoxohh

            we were the first table in Blanca.... i had the big camera :-)

            1. re: schrutefarms

              As was I! Who knew there were so many hounds in the same place at once! I had a caipirinha from one of the drink carts and it was like the most refreshing, smoothest, deliciously alcoholic slushie you can imagine. The performance that accompanied it (whisking liquid litrogen into caipirinaha mix was really cool too). I also tried a number of things from the patisserie, my favorite probably being the white and dark chocolate covered pop rocks and the coffee cookies.

              1. re: mollyomormon

                I had (a few) of the "classic" martini, with that weird olive and the olive brine "air". The olive ruled! I wish I saw the chocolate pop rocks, though :(

                1. re: schrutefarms

                  Oops, almost forgot about the food!! I had the charcuterie plate, the fois gras in cotton candy (FYI, just stick to one-two kinda ruins it), the olives that burst when you eat them, a Reuben that was like the Philly cheesesteak on the menu, some popcorn/liquid nitrogen thing, and I can't remember what all else (read above post).

        2. Gotta ask, how much was the Foie Cotton Candy? Any other "spontaneous" stands like that in the restaurant?

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          1. re: uhockey

            Foie Cotton Candy was $5.00 per. I think quite fair, actually. There was also a daiquiri stand which was quite impressive. The daiquiri base was poured into some sort of canister, to which liquid nitrogen was added, creating lots of smoke. The resulting slushy mixture being made in this manner was quite the show.

          2. Excellent photos, dude. The lighting can be tricky at the SLS - Way to set the white balance on that camera. Got a macro lens on that SLR, or did you bring a point&shoot?

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            1. re: J.L.

              J.L. yeah its pretty dark in there... but the pin lighting on our table was strong enough for me to shoot without my big flash... so i just shot wide open with white balance on incandescent.. shot most of the pics with 16-35L f2.8 using canon 40d

              1. re: Perceptor

                Love that Canon 40D. I'm always hesitant to bring it when dining out... It's a hunkin' beast to bring to a restaurant.

                Also, at a place like the SLS, the management's always worried 'bout paparazzi. Then again, I've gotten really good service when I've brought the40D 'cuz they think I'm a reviewer (which I kinda am, at times...).

            2. Hi Perceptor,

              Great Photo Review as usual. :) Loved your shots. Looks like there are some nice new items added since my visit (I can't wait to go back). Thanks.