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Feb 9, 2009 04:25 PM

Canned coconut milk?

Does this ever go bad? I was cleaning out the pantry and I found a can waaaaaay in the back. It probably is years old. I can't find an expiration date anywhere on it. Is it safe or no? Should i just open it and take a whiff?

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  1. Unless the can is popping with botulism I think it should be fine. If it smells like coconut, go for it -- just boil it!

    1. From a safety perspective, it looks like you should be fine, as long as the can is not damaged:

      1. It's probably safe if the can isn't bulging, but I would taste before using in a recipe. Sometimes I think I get a metallic taste from food too long on the shelf.

        1. I just opened it and it seems fine. Thanks!

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            how did it taste? rancid or metallic? i know that "metallic" flavor...

          2. It goes rancid eventually, even in the can. Won't kill you but rancid fats are supposed to be "bad" and it doesn't taste very good, even for canned coconut milk...