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Feb 9, 2009 04:18 PM

Buddakan with Kids????

I love Buddakan in NY and would love to go here while in Philly next week. The thing is our three boys (9,6,and3) will be in tow. What are your thoughts??? I am leaning towards NO but just wanted to get some feedback from those in the Know! Thanks a bunch!

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    1. Do you bring them to the NY location? If no, why? If Not, why think another city would make the answer different?

      Just asking.

      1. I would lean to no, though if you get an early reservation you are probably going to be ok. I would suggest that you consider one of the special restaurants in Philadelphia chinatown, a place like Rangoon (burmese food) or perhaps Vietnam Palace. Both places accomodate children well.

          1. re: crazyspice

            It really isn't a place I'd take a child for dinner. I think Vietnam or Jones would be a good choice.

          2. Lunch yes. Dinner definitely no. Take them to distrito instead.

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            1. re: joluvscards

              yep, i'd totally agree with lunch maybe, dinner no. and distrito is a great suggestion - very kid-friendly with the bright colors.