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Buddakan with Kids????

I love Buddakan in NY and would love to go here while in Philly next week. The thing is our three boys (9,6,and3) will be in tow. What are your thoughts??? I am leaning towards NO but just wanted to get some feedback from those in the Know! Thanks a bunch!

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    1. Do you bring them to the NY location? If no, why? If Not, why think another city would make the answer different?

      Just asking.

      1. I would lean to no, though if you get an early reservation you are probably going to be ok. I would suggest that you consider one of the special restaurants in Philadelphia chinatown, a place like Rangoon (burmese food) or perhaps Vietnam Palace. Both places accomodate children well.

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            It really isn't a place I'd take a child for dinner. I think Vietnam or Jones would be a good choice.

          2. Lunch yes. Dinner definitely no. Take them to distrito instead.

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              yep, i'd totally agree with lunch maybe, dinner no. and distrito is a great suggestion - very kid-friendly with the bright colors.

            2. Lunch maybe if not busy. Dinner definitely not.

                1. re: mschow

                  I know that taking the three year old would be pushing it and they would no doubt "hide" you upstairs at Buddakan if you showed up with whining kids in tow. That said, I did take my son when he was probably six there for dinner and it was one of his favorite places at the time (thanks to the waterfall, color changing desk, and Buddah). I did call before we went and was told that they were fine with kids (as they are in most Starr places). But then again, my son is very quiet when we go out to eat at nicer places...

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                      I'm gonna go against the grain here......Three young boys??? Take 'em there on Saturday night around 9pm and sit near the bar. Let 'em get a good look at the ladies at the bar and they'll be happy for days.

                      OK....so if that's no good then I'm gonna have to agree with frackit.

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                        Greasefire, I like the way you think! I'll bet my husband would enjoy that as well. Alas, Thankyou all for confirming with me that it probably would not be a great situation. Luckily, there are many other great options. I think we will try Vietnam.