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Feb 9, 2009 04:17 PM

Dinner tomorrow night- Trader Joe's pasta

I bought some different pasta from Trader Joe's yesterday and I would love to make one package for dinner tomorrow night. One is a sprouted wheat papardelle and the other is a lemon pepper papardelle.

I'm not really sure what kind of sauce to put on either one. I know for sure I don't want to make a cheesy sauce. I've got shitake and white mushrooms in the fridge that I would love to use up.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. i'd do the lemon-pepper pasta with shrimp or scallops. i'm thinking olive oil, plenty of garlic, sliced mushrooms, a pinch of red chile flakes, and broccoli raab or broccoli florets. garnish with chopped fresh parsley.

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      Sounds good to me. I'd add a splash of fresh lemon juice (or zest) and some pecorino romano cheese!

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        oops, i spaced and forgot to suggest finishing with lemon juice for a little acid to round it out at the end. glad you caught that lynn! and the pecorino romano sounds perfect.

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          --or under a chicken piccata, with lots of lemon and capers.

    2. Sautéed mushrooms in a reduced cream sauce is lovely on big thick noodles. To make the sauce, you first sauté the (sliced) mushrooms in butter (and maybe a little olive oil) and then set them aside. Without wiping out the pan, add more butter, and cook finely chopped onion or shallots until transparent and tender. Raise the heat, pour in a cup of warm cream, and stir with a wooden spoon until the cream thickens enough to start pulling away from the sides of the pan. When it's reduced by about half, add the mushrooms, cook to warm through, season and serve over noodles. This will serve two - you'll want bread and a salad. You can also add cooked chicken or any sort of seafood; seared giant scallops make this quite noble. And if you don't want the calories of cream, evaporated milk works, too, though the flavor isn't as much to my taste.

      I've not tried the sprouted wheat pappardelle. I did try the lemon, and wasn't nuts for it. A rich beef-stew kind of topping might work well for the lemon, and you could incorporate the 'shrooms into that very easily.

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        I use buttermilk with cornstarch or Wondra thickener as my cream(less) sauce base. Works with mushrooms, onions, pan juices, all sorts of things.

      2. I think a mushroom-based ragù would go really well with the texture and shape of the sprouted papardelle. Something along these lines is what I have in mind: http://splendidtable.publicradio.org/...

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          Thanks! I think I'm going to do something like this or the lemon with sauteed artichokes.

          I like all the other ideas.. but we don't eat shellfish and my husband can't have much dairy this week.

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            i LOVE that Sally Schneider mushroom ragù, it's one of my favorite recipes from A New Way To Cook. no matter how i serve it - over polenta or past, or as a side with meat & mashed potatoes - it's always a hit. one suggestion... definitely use fresh thyme

        2. I've used the lemon parpadelle with 2 cans of tuna packed in oil (get at TJ's), capers (a good amount), a squeeze of lemon, and a bit of parmesean and sea salt. Great for a quick dinner. This is also great with fusilli, just add more lemon and pepper to taste. Enjoy

          1. I buy the regular egg papardelle a lot from Trader Joe's and I love it. The thing I noticed though, is that it has a better texture if you cook it for about half the time it says on the package. I am not sure if that applies to the other kinds of papardelle, but maybe 7 minutes or so into it, you might take a piece of pasta out of the water to sample...

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              Big fan of the plain pappardelle. Got to serve a braised-rabbit dinner on that stuff once. Heaven!