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Feb 9, 2009 03:45 PM

Bar Lata - Oakland

Looks like Bar Lata should be open pretty soon in the Temescal (former Silver Lion). This is the new place from B44's Daniel Olivella.

4901 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

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  1. BIGGUMS Silver Lion to you :)

    From, JRL, Josè Luis Rubiera is a partner of the b44 guy.
    "RBA: So will you now retire at the end of the 2009 season? I understand your program will include the Giro d’Italia and Vuelta, but no Tour De France.
    JLR: We'll have to see...I’m not sure what lies ahead. And I have a project I am working on your readers in America might be interested in...

    RBA: Whats that?
    JLR: I am opening a tapas bar in Oakland, California called bar Lata; that means "the can," like a tin can. It’s at 4901 Telegraph Ave., at 49th Street, near Claremont Ave. It’s in the Temescal neighborhood. We will open in February.

    RBA: Wow how did that happen? Oakland is a long way from Gijon!
    JLR: Well, first of all I really love San is a really fantastic city! I was there a few times to race the SF Grand Prix. That was a really great race, too. So in 2003, I met a guy from Barcelona named Daniel Olivella when I was there. He owns a great Spanish restaurant in San Francisco called B44 on Belden Place. That's a cool little street in the Financial district of San Francisco filled with good little restaurants. Anyway we got to know each other over the years and just hatched the idea to open a tapas bar. There are not that many good Spanish places in the Bay Area and we are going ahead with Bar Lata tapas bar! Olivella told the SF Chronicle recently "I'm going to try to be authentic Spanish," says Olivella, who is, of course, authentically Spanish by birth. Bar Lata backers include his partners in B44 and Chechu Rubiera, a Spanish professional cyclist. Olivella has taken over the old Silver Lion and has transformed it into the casual 60-seat Bar Lata, with a communal table, an all-Spanish wine list and moderately priced wines by the glass. The menu will be tapas heavy, with perhaps 10 hot selections and 10 cold ones, three or four paellas and a few small main courses. Chechu proudly told Road Bike Action “Originally I was going to be at the opening we have planned for January 2009 but now I will be in Australia racing at the Tour Down Under. After that we have a training camp in Santa Rosa, California so maybe I will invite the Astana boys down to La Lata for some tapas!"

    1. Huh, interesting. Not sure how they are going to fit that many tables (and a communal one) into that space. My memory of Biggums Silver Lion is that it was very, very tiny. Or, it could be that it was dark and crowded and I was always drunk? : )

      Thanks for the info; sounds promising.

      1. Look for Bar Lata to open the first weekend of March

        1. Signs in the window say they open Wednesday at 5pm.