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Feb 9, 2009 03:40 PM

[Twin Cities] Fish Fry!

We're not quite to Lent, but that hasn't stopped the South St. Paul VFW from firing up their Friday night Fish Fry! I went through the to-go line last Friday. Their fish is sooooo good! And I love the homemade slaw. And the homemade, slightly on the sweet side, tarter sauce. Note the to-go box has enough fish for about 2 1/2 meals. It's good cold, or just reheat for 8 minutes at 400 on a cookie sheet. Do not microwave!!! I'm going back Friday with a group of friends - will add the hoemade baked beans and the, yes, homemade mac and cheese to my plate. Those folks work hard, starting Thursday and going through Friday night, and they turn out a great Fry. This one goes through Good Friday.

Any other Fish Fry's in/near the Twin Cities to recommend?

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  1. I just passed the VFW on Concord and saw the fish fry sign. I assume that's the one you're talking about. I'll have to give it a try. Unfortunately, the Twin Cities doesn't do Friday night fish fries in the same volume as my hometown of Milwaukee. There are some places out there though!

    1. Can you count Red Stag's Friday Fish Fry menu?

      I know it's not the true 'Scani experience, you need a lawn chair and good can of Point for that...

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        I had Red Stag's fish fry a few months back and it was outstanding. Certainly not the VFW/local church experience, but I'd highly recommend it for a slightly nicer Friday fish fry experience.

      2. The Excelsior American Legion is starting up their Lent fish fries on Friday nights. I suspect it is pretty common for American Legions and VFWs.

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          We went to the American Legion post last night for the all you can eat fish fry. They start you off with a plate of fish with baked potato, cole slaw, sour cream, and tartar sauce and then follow up with people bringing around piping hot fried fish until you had enough. I actually had enough with the initial plate but took a couple of extra pieces on follow up just so I could say I did an all you can eat. Here is the plate.

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            Hot diggity, that looks like a proper Sconi fish fry (just needs some rye bread)!

            I can't tell, is that Perch? It looks like Perch or maybe Gilly.

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              Definitely not perch and not walleye. I didn't even ask.

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                What davydd describes is how all of the church fish fries (that I've been to) in the Twin Cities work. Most have rye bread, too. The primary variation is whether they also serve beer, and what kinds of raffles they have going on, and what kinds of desserts they have available. But the basics: plate of fish with baked potato, cole slaw, sour cream, butter, and tartar sauce, some kind of bread, with someone bringing more fish, is pretty much the same at all the churches. Some offer baked fish, too.


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                  I do not enter churches, so this would have helped me little to not at all.

                  When we're in Milwaukee we go to Clifford's. (We've been to Serb Hall and several supper clubs, not as good). So it is good to see a solid Wisco fish fry served in a place where I would eat it, hence my comment. Now, I just know to bring my own rye.

              2. re: Davydd

                Where is that American Legion located?

            2. The B-Dale Club( 2100 north dale st roseville mn 55113 651-489-5386) has a great fish fry. not all you can eat but really large portions. They bread their own fish so its crispy and great. Also they have shrimp

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                I went here Friday night with a friend and the fish was delicious. You can get a 2nd plate for $1.00 more than the original plate price of $6.00, which was more than enough fish for me. It wasn't crowded, which was nice, and it wasn't noisy.

                The fish is Canadian pollack, which tasted fresh-caught.

                All that oil though made me feel a bit queasy the next day, But isn't that what fish fries are for?

                Two weeks ago I did go to the VFW on Concord. I didn't think that fish was as good as the B'Dale Club. A lot of noise and people there. And I even got there before Tim Pawlenty did.

                That one made me feel a bit queasy the next day also.

                It's fun to try these though. I might try the one in Hudson next week.

              2. Here's a report from last year regarding Friday fish fries: Seems The Rake is now Secrets of the City which is silly and confusing. Then again I never 'got' the title of The Rake, either. But I digress...

                The Catholic Spirit calendar only has the KofC Bloomington fish fry listed but Lent won't start until the 25th of February so I guess that's not too surprising.