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Feb 9, 2009 03:15 PM


Was in Tahoe this weekend. Truckee eats. Ate at 50/50 Brewing Company. Not bad. Good burgers and decent salads. Very fun convivial atmosphere.
Went to Cottonwood next night. What a rip. Had the Tri-tip steak. Tiny portion, no veggies, and an infintismal dollop of (/)horseradish(?) mashed potato. One son had curry shrimp. A gloppy over-spiced $27 mess. My other son had NY strip. Nothing special except the $31 price.
Went to Tacos Jaliscos on Sunday. Loved it. Good tacos, excellent burrito. Liked the atmosphere and the prices.
I shoulda gone to Reno for Basque food but I didn't want to take the time. Mistake as it woulda been worth it.
Anything decent in Truckee?

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  1. Moody's, Pacific Crest/Bar of America, Firefly. Many more things at the lake.

    1. As c oliver mentions, BFM, wondering why you didn't follow the many recos for the better places in Truckee?

      1. We tried Moody’s when the big Sunday night snowstorm hit. For starters, the “Charcuterie of House Made Pate and Salami” (6 meats) was about enough for a meal for two. I got a Langhe Nebbiolo especially for the “Moody’s Big Ass Pork Platter” (4 different kinds of pork preparations) my wife ordered. It was an apt description because we couldn’t finish all the food we got and had to skip dessert.

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          So it sounds like you liked it?!? Don't know where you live but do you know that Paul McCartney jams there some nights when he's in town?

        2. Cottonwood is great for a drink in summer on the deck overlooking the town. Moody's is one of the best restaurants in Lake Tahoe. Dragonfly isn't far behind. Sorry you didn't follow our advice.

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          1. re: RevrendAndy

            Yeah. Only had 2 nites and went to 50-50 the first nite, Though I was planning nite 2 at Moody's, the people from Reno I was treating to dinner insisted on Cottonwood and made reservations. Chutzpah.

            1. re: Big Fat Moe

              The part about your guests deserves a thread all its own, doesn't it? Some people never cease to amaze. Well, ya know where to check out the next time.