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Feb 9, 2009 02:55 PM

Philly - Great food; casual dress

Hubby and I are going to a Flyer's game in a few weeks and want to have dinner in Philly beforehand. We're from S. Jersey but now living in MD and SO miss the South Jersey/Philly food. We haven't been to Philly for dinner in quite a while so I'm looking for recommendations. I don't want super casual (ie. pizza joint) but also not a jacket/tie type place as I want to be able to be comfortable for the game afterwards. Hubby is a steak fan as well as traditional "red sauce/chicken parm" type Italian fan. I'm pretty adaptable but do enjoy really good soups and appetizers. I'm more of a tapas than big meal type. Thanks!

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  1. Would a South Philly Italian restaurant fit the bill for both of you?

    1. Try Criniti's at Broad & Shunk or Pesto which is a little further north on Broad St.

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        I second Criniti's and also suggest L'Angelo

      2. We enjoyed Core de Roma, which I believe is in the 400 block of South Street. It's a family owned restaurant with good food and nice atmosphere, but you don't need the jacket and tie. We are from southcentral PA and have eaten there several times following Temple basketball games and once before a TU football game.