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Feb 9, 2009 01:58 PM

Sripraphai is opening a second branch in Williston Park

Fellow hound David W has just reported on the OBB that Sripraphai is opening a second restaurant in Williston Park at 280 Hillside. Holy cow! I love this place and have for many years. If you have only eaten Thai in the tristate area this place will change your view of the entire cuisine. It is without a doubt a mind blowing experience. Authentic and delicious, it is worth a trip from anywhere. I get to the Woodside branch at least twice a month, I will be at the new branch once a week. I just called and they hope to open at the end of March.


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  1. Holy S!!!! Can i curse on here, that is the most exciting thing ever. I work so freaking close its like a dream come true.

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    1. That's pretty cool. My wife dragged me from LI to Brooklyn when we got married and she always throws there are no good restaurants in LI in my face. At least we have Sri out there, one of our favorite spots.

      1. This is too cool! We should all make sure to visit often when it opens, and tell everyone we know, so that it gets off to a good start.

        1. OMG! There is a God! And for Great Chinese check out Fortune Asian Bistro in Carle Place for Flushing style cooking!

          1. consider me an officially jealous connecticut resident. That is great news. I hope they keep up their same quality as they expand. The world is a better place with Srip...

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                  A woman i work with who lives a couple of blocks away is keeping an eye on it for me. She said that some weeks there is tons of work being done by what appears to me many workers, and other weeks it looks like no one is there and they aren't doing anything. I happened to pass by tonight for the first time in several weeks, and to me it doesn't look close. I told her to tell me if she ever sees any signs announcing an opening date.