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Feb 9, 2009 01:30 PM

Inexpensive Tasting Menu/Prix Fixe Option in Philadelphia

Hi, I was wondering if anybody has ideas for a tasting menu or prix fixe menu. I'm looking for something preferably at a BYO for under $50 to go to this Friday or Sunday night. I don't need an extravagant tasting menu, just 4 or 5 courses. My mom will be in town and she hasn't done anything like that before.

I've done the tasting option at Marigold Kitchen and Valentino (I think it was Valentino?), and I would like to try something new.

I tried to get reservations at Little Fish, but it didn't happen. We are open to any type of food.

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    1. re: Boognish

      I don't think that Matyson has the tasting menu on Friday or Saturday nights. Otherwise they would be perfect!

      It's going to be hard to find many places that do.

      1. re: Carole're right! I had no idea.

        Thanks for the headsup.

    2. Modo Mio does a turista menu that is excellent!

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      1. re: jl0328

        2nd Modo Mio. 4 courses for $32 (cash only). Good luck on a Friday or Saturday. I went last weekend and for a 7:30 reservation and was lucky to get in by 9pm. Great spot though.

        1. re: juice

          3rd (or 4th) modo mio if you can get in. not open sunday.

          how far in advance does one need to make sunday night menu reservations at little fish? i want to take friends there.

          1. re: rabidog

            Usually at least a month they said....I need to figure out my schedule and make one.

            1. re: megmosa

              eek! i can't even seem to get my dough reserved 24 hrs in advance at tacconnelli's. not good with commitments. little fish's sunday dinner, if anything, might be what pushes me over the edge to put together some sort of plan, though.

      2. Lacroix has a Sunday and Monday night $35 prix fixe menu these days:
        That would be a lovely place to take your mom! (Not BYOB, but they have a wine deal too)

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        1. re: urbanfabric

          Lacroix is BYOB on Mondays, no corkage (!)

          I have a reservation for this Sunday. The $35 menu is offered and their wine list is half price. I was told that the dress code is business casual, although I'm requesting that my BF wear a jacket.

        2. Another option might be to go to a tapas-like place such as Zahav. Sorry, it's not a BYOB but is a fun place with small dishes and good food.

          1. These are all really great suggestions. I've really wanted to try Lacroix and Zahav. Modo Mio sounds good too.

            I was also wondering about Estia and their pre-theater dinner? How is that?

            Even after my mom has left, I am sure I will still use a lot of these recommendations...

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            1. re: megmosa

              I've had the pre-theater meal at Estia and it was very good. Especially the seafood. Not BYO, tho. I'd put that on my list for sure!