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Feb 9, 2009 12:35 PM

Chitown Foodie needs Ann Arbor rec

It's been awhile since I was here...I recall liking a high end restaurant on one of the side streets that had a cute ambience with refined dining...probably gone now, since it was years ago. but, my husband and I are both foodies and are returning next month. I am looking for great food with great ambince in nice, cozy atmosphere (more upscale but not stuffy/too traditional). No french, indian.

Considering: Bella Ciao (or is there a better place for Italain that is small and intimate with great food?), The Earle (although not huge fan of the menu), Chop House (but really prefer something other than steaks)....any thoughts? Would love to hear what's new and great! Would love a great wine ist of nice cocktail list, too!

Following day, hitting zingermans, as always, and Blimpys.

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  1. Are you talking about Logan? It sounds exactly like the place you described. it's still there. I haven't been in a while, but I think it's doing fairly steady business.

    From what I can discern, it sounds like you need to go to Eve in Kerrytown. Eve gets rave reviews and is argued as the best resto in Ann Arbor.

    Bella Ciao is probably smallest/intimate Italian with decent food. Also try West End Grill right next door to Bella Ciao. IMO, it is now the better restaurant of the two.

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      I am talking about Logan, thank you! I also just looked up Eve and it looks great--is it better than Logan? How is the ambience there and any must orders?
      How do you compare it to west End Grill?

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        I didn't technically eat at eve, as I've only had a mimosa there at I can't recommend any must-orders. The ambiance is all exposed brick and low-ish lighting, so it's definitely different from Logan, but still upscale and definitely not stuffy. If I had to pick, I'd say eve is is about half-a-notch up the elegance scale from Logan in terms of ambiance and menu.

        West End Grill is probably the stuffiest of all three. The food is very, very good but the menu has a bit more traditional preparations than eve and Logan. if memory serves, it can get a little loud there. Their shrimp lollipops appetizer is one of my favorites.

        There's also the Black Pearl that's new in town, but I hear it's hit or miss still and trying to find its footing. The prices seem pretty steep too, especially in comparison to what you could get at the other three. I'd recommend reservations at all three.

    2. Not sure how long ago you were in AA, but Eve is in the space that Kerrytown Bistro used to occupy 15-20 years ago, in Kerrytown obviously. I forget what it was called after that...

      The Earle has a second location in the Bell Tower Hotel now called the Earle Uptown, btw. That's in the old space where Escoffier used to be.

      There was a thread on here recently about the 'best' places in AA you might want to look for.