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Feb 9, 2009 12:14 PM


A friend of mine recently came back from Switzerland with Ovomaltine, and Ovomaltine chocolate bars. Ovomaltine is, I believe the European Formula for Ovaltine, and is mainly produced, and hard to find anywhere other than Switzerland. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find some bars and the powder in the US, or if any websites have it without astronomical shipping charges

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    1. I really want to say I've seen Ovaltine at Harris Teeter on the International aisle not far from the British selections.

      1. You can find similar formulations of Ovaltine (based on the English formula) made under license in Asia (Malaysia, for example), at Asian markets such as Kam Sen or Great Wall.

        1. thanks for the help so far, but the hardest thing to find is the chocolate bar, and I would really love some special help for that item, although if you do know of the powder it would also be great.

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            Don't know if this is of any help? I too am looking for the chocolate bar but am based in the UK.