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Feb 9, 2009 12:11 PM

Need help with our final night in Vegas

Going with a large group. First night is drinks at Mix Lounge and dinner at Stripsteak. Second night is sushi at Sushi Roku. Third night is a big group dinner at Aquaknox.

Would like something nice and quiet (I expect the Stripsteak and Sushi Roku nights to be anything but quiet) for a group of 6-8 for our fourth night. Would prefer something with a tasting menu option, but a notch down in price from Picasso (I think we blew about $450/couple last time we were there). I really want to try Bartolotta, but that would be 3 nights in a row of seafood and the non-seafoodies may revolt if we do that.

Considering Le Cirque, maybe the new Sinatra (worried about lack of reviews upon which to make this call). Any other ideas or comments on the Le Cirque/Sinatra ideas? For anyone who's been, is the Sinatra dining room quiet or more boisterous/scene-y?

For frame of reference, when I'm talking quiet I mean even more sedate than Picasso, which was lovely in every way, but also a very large room with lots of attendant commotion. Le Cirque's small dining room seems ideal, but it doesn't look much less expensive, if at all, than Picasso and price may be an issue for a few folks in our group.

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    1. re: MidTexHorn

      Tableau at the Wynn might be a good fit for you. One of the most quiet settings in all of Las Vegas, and excellent food. And not that far of a stroll from Sinatra, should you want to take a look at both menu's first.

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        Just got back from a bachelor party weekend in LV. We had dinner for 9 at Valentino's in the Venetian. I had the "Chef's Extravaganza" w/o wine pairings; others ordered various of the tasting menus or a la carte. Because of the range of budgets in the party, we didn't go anywhere near the top of the wine list; it worked out to $120/person w/tip including $150 spent on wine.

        I have to say that dinner will rank among the top 10 of my life. Particular highlights were a "trio" of quail that included an absolutely perfect fried quail's egg on top of a meltingly unctuous disc of polenta, and a black truffle risotto that will feature on the menu of my last meal. Service was excellent without being stiff or snobbish, even after the sommelier found out that we were going cheap on the wine.

        It's a big restaurant, but the rooms are subdivided for a more intimate feel. There were no other parties in our room (it was a Saturday night at 9:00 p.m.), although there was a group in the private dining room immediately off of ours.

      2. I've dined at Sinatra and would recommend it highly.

        The Sinatra scene is somewhere in between the most boisterous and the most serene. Maybe a bit more lively than Picasso. My wife and I dined there and had a great booth table. The restaurant was full, but we felt like we had our own little section of the restaurant. The food was excellent through all courses as one would expect when paying their prices ($300 for two with 3 glasses of wine). The pastas were handmade and the ossobucco was absolutely fantastic.

        For a tasting menu in a serene atmosphere, I'd suggest the Swan Court at Aureole. They serve 7 inventive courses with typically some of the better wine pairings in town (they received the WS Grand Award). You will walk through the lively main dining room to get to the quiet and beautiful Swan Court. I've had a number of great meals there. Will be a little less spendy than Aureole; tasting menu ($105) with wine pairings ($65).

        1. Good info. Thanks everyone.