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Feb 9, 2009 12:05 PM

Pizza in Venice

Hi all. I have a friend asking for your help. She will be in Italy soon and wants to know where the best pizza is specifically in Venice. Thank you!

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  1. Best is subjective but they have great pizza at Casa Mia off of Campo SS Apostoli in Cannaregio. You might also do a search - there's definitely info on past threads out there.

    1. I also agree that the pizza at Casa Mia are very good. I also like Dai Tosi, Nono Resorto and Vecio Canton.

      1. My information is not the most recent, but some years ago I was told on good authority that the only wood-burning pizza oven was at the Cipriani Hotel, on Giudecca, in the more casual of the hotel's two restaurants, Cip's Club.

        1. Thank you all, I'm passing all of this info to my friend. I wish it were me going.

          1. You might find this thread over on of interest. Search on the site for "Venice" and find others.


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