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Feb 9, 2009 11:56 AM

El Nido "Clio"

Has anyone tried the new release yet? I know that it was released before the holidays in New York and New Jersey, but we are still waiting for it in CT.

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  1. Yes. To me, it was a bit over the top and very full-bodied... I can see why a lot of people like it, but it was like the Marquis Phillips of Spain to me...

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    1. re: orlwine

      Great...thank you for giving me a heads up.

      1. re: orlwine

        have you had past vintages as well? If so, any comments?
        Past experience tends to indicate they tend to smooth out fairly quickly (two years or so)

        1. re: Icantread

          i have had '06 few time including this past weekend.....i do like the '04 and '05 little more but '06 is good too. little hot but very complex and wine tend to come together with little air. still think it is very good wine for $40+/-

          1. re: Icantread

            No you are right....time helps. Last year I tried the 2005 probably 6 months after it was released in CT.