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Feb 9, 2009 11:48 AM

Would you recommend Stone Soup?

I have never been to Stone Soup and I was having trouble finding any reviews about the restaurant. I know they used to be in Ipswich and I believe they are now in Gloucester. Is it worth making a reservation? What is the menu like?

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  1. Went there a couple of years ago, when they were in Ipswich, for breakfast. Had a standard omelette and home fries and toast plate, which was very good at the time. Haven't had a chance to go since, but would go back based on that experience.

    1. I can echo Bachslunch's response. Breakfast was standard but very good. The dinner menu's looked great and the place had a funky homey feel. Can't say what Gloucester location is like.

      1. I frequented SS since their first location, for both breakfast and dinner. Mark, the owner, is a very good chef. The breakfasts were always made with fresh ingredients. Dinners wre also well executed, the only thing I found to the down side was their reservation process was horrible and they would close on Fri or Sat periodically. Also,the dinner menu seldom changed and it was a bit pricey for cash only. I do believe they're still in Ipswich and the Gloucester locationb is simmer only. I haven't been in a while but, I would not hesitiate to try them.

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          Thank you for your replys. I am going to make a reservation. I did not know it was cash only. Thanks for the heads up. I will be going to the restaurant for dinner. Is it BYOB as well?

          Any additional input would be appreciated. Thank you.

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            It's not BYOB in Ipswich, not sure about Gloucester.

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              If I recall last summer was byob in Gloucester and we had 2 excellent lunches there. They had limited availability ( hours?) for dinner and we never made it but are looking forward to it this year...and generally looking forward to summer brrrrr