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Feb 9, 2009 11:44 AM

Momofuku Milk Bar Cookies?

Do the cookies at Momofuku look different to anyone else? They used to be flat, crispy, big but not enormous. Now they look smaller with a hump, like they are trying to fit more cookies on the cookie sheet. I usually wind up getting cake or pie instead, but I was wondering if they taste different too.

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  1. I just tried for 1st time today, so can't make comparison. Tried a Compost and a Blueberry/Cream - both were pretty damn good.

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      I definitely have to go over to Momofuku Milk Bar. Their menu looks amazing. I plan on going there and ordering like at least one slice on each cake to go. Gotta get some cookies and pies too!

    2. I was there two weeks ago and the cookies were big, flat and crispy. I tried the Compost and the Marshmallow-Cornflake ones and didn't like either. I thought they were waaay too sweet and the massive amount of butter seemed to overwhelm the other flavors. I wasn't a huge fan of the pistachio cake, either (too dense) but did like the chocolate malt and root beer soft serve.

      1. Been there twice for cookies over a span of a month....both times there was a lump in the middle with crispier edges, almost like a hybrid madeline.

        Compost was disgustingly textured, with too much happening in a bad way, and far too sweet. It was both undercooked and overcooked all at the same time. Whatever size, I didn't want more then a bite. The Blueberry was far better, and pretty decent, but changed taste and consistency when I got to the center bites. Wasn't mind blowing, or too memorable but I'd get it again. So yeah, if your cookie has that middle lump one day, or doesn't the next, it's going to be a very different tasting cookies. Frankly, I don't think they know what they're doing in there. It's a zoo.

        1. Got a compost cookie right after they opened, and it was definitely not flat. It was sort of Levain-shaped, w/a definite build-up towards the middle of the cookie.

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            I completely agree with hungrycomposer - the cookies now are differently shaped. I live across the street and unfortunately for my waistline frequent the joint at least 3x a week. I've found that certain types of cookies have changed shapes, whereas the other ones have stayed as before. Not sure if this depends on who is baking or whether they've actually consciously made this decision.

            The double chocolate chip has changed the most in my opinion. Rather than being nice and perfectly chubby in the middle, the center now rises so much it's like a brownie/cake with cookie dough consistency. I was not pleased at all - this used to be my favorite cookie. I had waited for days for them to finally have it - and was utterly disappointed.

            On the other hand, had a peanut butter cookie the next day which was perfectly proportioned and absolutely delicious. Cornflake marshmallow was still okay also.

            My new favorite is the brownie pie. Now that double chocolate is out of the picture with it's over-fat belly, brownie pie is luscious rich and just divinely chocolate-y. And with a sample of the chocolate malt soft serve? Perfection.

            1. re: sammyw111

              Double chocolate chip is my favorite cookie too, and I can feel it in my waistline as well. I've had to make an effort to limit my visits. The place is really addictive.
              The baker, Christina Tosi, is incredibly nice, we should ask her why the cookies are different. I first noticed it after they were featured on Martha Stewart, so I suspect it may be an effort to produce more in each batch. Or they are just tinkering...

              1. re: hungrycomposer

                I have yet to have a bad cookie there. I love the cornflake and compost as well as the blueberry cream. The banana, peanut butter, and double chocolate were good also. Oh yeah, the rest of their food is very good as well ;o)

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                  Not sure if you guys know.... But if you dine at Momofuku Ssam Bar can you request to have some of the desserts from the Milk bar after your meal or do you have to actually go next door?

                  1. re: steakrules85

                    Not sure - but I do know if you're waiting for a table at Ssam Bar you can get some pork buns at Milk Bar!