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Feb 9, 2009 11:36 AM

Mini rant: Fish. in Sausalito's Wine List

The food, as usual, was pretty good with impeccable fish and reasonably good preparation.

This time around, I was in the mood for a glass of wine, so I took a look at the offerings. None particularly appealed, but the shocker was the markup. A bottle of Vinho Verde from Aveleda that we used to buy at retail pricing of $6-7.50 was listed for $26! My friend's glass of organic 2006 McFadden Pinot Gris had gone off, perhaps because the wine is so low-sulfite it's not shelf-stable, but at $10 a glass it should have been a decent quality wine. Retail on that one is $16, I think it was $29 a bottle on the menu, but prices are missing from the online version.

What gives? How many other restaurants in the area have the chutzpah to sell an un-aged wine for 4x retail, and serve it in tumblers?

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  1. I totally agree that their wine list is unimpressive and overpriced. Makes you wonder a little bit about the markups on their food as well. That crab sandwich (which is one of my absolute favorites) was originally $16 when they opened. I think it now is $26!

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      I went there once and had the really fresh, excellent fried halibut but it was $21 -- just did not think it was worth the price. Came with fries or cole slaw, neither of which was special.

    2. At places like this with cheapie wines at jacked up prices, I bring my own good stuff and pay the corkage.

      1. Yeah that place confounds me. I really like the food but the prices seem soooo high. And I agree their wine list is kind of weak and uninspiring. that's why I normally get a pitcher of beer instead.